BPN 2023 Industry Innovators Finalist

Stephen Hallett, Dimeta“I grew up in a family with parents who worked incredibly hard,” said Stephen Hallett, who is based in the United Kingdom and serves as operations director at Dimeta. “From them, I learned that nothing good comes easily. If it’s worth the success, it’s worth the work.”

In addition to motivation from his family, Hallett relishes the opportunity to solve issues the world faces on climate change, as well as to empower communities — especially for people who live off-grid.

“With a background in engineering, Stephen has been instrumental in developing and establishing Dimeta, which has a specific focus on accelerating the adoption and use of renewable & recycled carbon DME,” said Dimeta’s Communications Officer Anna Pantazi.


“He oversees all technical activities concerning production, transportation, storage and use, with safety at the core of these areas. Stephen is chair of the Renewable DME Technical and Safety working group at the World LPG Association (WLPGA) and widely contributes to regional association technical standardization groups,” Pantazi continued. 

“Stephen’s notable strengths include his ability to bridge technical subjects to non-technical audiences, and his innovations by pioneering risk management approaches that could apply to industrywide energy transition,” Pantazi said. “On a technical basis, Stephen is instrumental in supporting the development of products suitable for the future energy mix — for instance, supporting the development of standards and leading research on drop-in blends of renewable and recycled carbon DME with propane.”

Hallett is hugely passionate and committed to implementing and pioneering ways to integrate propane and butane with renewable and recycled carbon DME. “We have been trying to bring together stakeholders,” Hallett said. For example, by pioneering new technology for field sampling, which has helped to standardize testing approaches, or with tools to enable the safe management of blends in the field. 

“Off-grid homes, businesses and industries need a mix of solutions as we look to the future,” Hallett explains. “Renewable liquid gases can provide an immediate, drop-in, low-carbon solution with no changes to the current infrastructure and significantly contribute to propane’s de-fossilization. Renewable and recycled carbon DME goes one step further by providing a solution to the world’s waste problem; this is how an already essential solution becomes a compelling one as well.”

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