BPN 2023 Industry Innovator Finalist

Megan Carr is a BPN 2023 Industry Innovator Finalist.Megan Carr joined Paraco Gas in 2014 as a logistics manager. According to her immediate supervisor, Will Fabrizio, she has been an integral part of the Paraco family ever since.

“She is now part of our centralized operations team, as director of logistics and business intelligence,” Fabrizio said. “Much of her success can be attributed to her passion and eagerness to explore, adapt and integrate new technologies into her work.” Fabrizio said her collaborative work ethic is evident throughout the organization, leading to solutions that benefit both the Paraco team and its customers. “When others on our team encounter challenges, Megan always seeks to innovate and find solutions to every problem.”

One of Carr’s earlier achievements with Paraco was to streamline the customer onboarding process. “We cut the number of people involved from 20 people to three people,” Carr said. “This improved our customer experience and increased our data integrity significantly.”


Carr said her biggest success has been in the implementation of the company’s data management platform. “New technology has allowed us to automate and track several [key performance indicators] across the organization. By having data immediately at our fingertips, we are able to easily create charts, tables and reports that can be used to make business decisions quickly. Not only is it exciting to see that we have a high user engagement in the platform, but I am extremely proud of the way my team builds upon initial requests by providing insights that produce an even better product.”

In the propane industry, Carr has been active in a user group for the ADD Systems software program. She is the current president of the organization as well as a committee chair and has served as vice president.

“The organization consists of end users of the software that can join several targeted committees. These committees meet monthly and discuss the modules as well as share best practices among industry peers,” Carr said. “Participants can make submissions regarding ways the software can be improved or better meet a specific need. The company does a great job of trying to accommodate as many submissions as possible to improve the product road map.”

At Paraco, Carr takes the same approach in always trying to have the technology meet the needs of customers and employees. “We can address customer retention, keep salespeople aware of their performance and we can drill deep into information to help us make decisions on almost any issue,” Carr said.

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