Energy Distribution Partners (EDP) has announced the acquisition of Van Unen/Miersma Propane (VMP), which operates in some California markets under the name Sierra Propane, and its affiliate Windmill Propane.

Van Unen/Miersma Propane was founded in 1993 by Rick Van Unen, Marion Miersma and Jeff Van Groningen. In 2000, VMP acquired Sierra Propane, then later acquired the customer base and fixed assets of Hurts Propane. The founders incorporated Windmill Propane and continued to grow the combined company over the past two decades.

Collectively Van Unen/Miersma is one of the largest propane retailers in its region, serving more than 11,000 customers in 15 counties across California. The company has built a reputation as a best-in-class propane retailer, meeting the needs of residential, commercial and agricultural customers throughout its service area.


Energy Distribution Partners CEO Tom Knauff said, “We are extremely pleased that the owners of VMP, Sierra Propane and Windmill Propane chose EDP when it came time to transition their companies. They are respected operators with a reputation for safety and superior customer service. We welcome all of their employees to EDP and look forward to continuing to provide exceptional service to their customers.”

VMP owners Van Unen and Van Groningen said, “When we made the difficult decision to sell our business, we were committed to finding a company who would continue our commitment to our employees, customers, and community. We believe that EDP is the right choice to continue this legacy.”