FuelExchange, the merger & acquisition service of Gray, Gray & Gray LLP, has announced that Taylor Energy has acquired Somers Oil Service Inc.

“It was important for Dennis to find a partner that knew his territory and would be best suited to take care of his customers. It was great to have Catherine step up to the plate as a neighboring company with the desire to bring the two family businesses together. I think it was a perfect match and am glad they were able to reach a deal,” said Marty Kirshner, partner and head of the Energy Practice at Gray, Gray & Gray.

“I would like to express, my thanks for the FuelExchange team’s support and guidance throughout the process. From our very first consultation, your team took the time to listen to my thoughts on the sale of the business. Your analysis of the market trends and potential buyers allowed me to make informed decisions and set realistic expectations. Moreover, I am thankful for your commitment in finding the right buyer for my business. Your services have resulted in a successful transaction and have also given me peace of mind knowing that my business is in capable hands. Gray, Gray & Gray’s FuelExchange team made a potentially overwhelming experience much more manageable. I am pleased with the outcome of the sale, and I firmly believe that it wouldn't have been possible without your expertise,” said Dennis Hutton, president, Somers Oil Service Inc.


Catherine Erasmus, president of Taylor Energy, reflects on their experience during the transaction, “I started working with Gray, Gray & Gray for my ERC needs but quickly realized the firm could do so much more for us. Marty Kirshner understood my operations, and where and how I wanted to grow. When he introduced me to FuelExchange it made perfect sense. They already understood our company and it was clear they could help me navigate a very complex process. The level of communication and responsiveness were outstanding. They made a point of matching us with companies and owners that fit my core values – an important consideration for me. The guidance I received from start to finish made the whole process smooth and easy.”