Witnesses Stress Importance
Of Transboundary Agreement

The House Natural Resources Subcommittee on Energy and Mineral Resources in late April was examining steps needed for implementation and a legislative hearing on the Outer Continental Shelf Transboundary Hydrocarbon Agreements Authorization Act (H.R. 1613). The legislation would implement the U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Hydrocarbon Reservoirs Agreement by lifting the current moratorium on drilling in the Western Gap area of the Gulf of Mexico.
Spire-of-Fire-Reno-3Workdays see the chief inspector of the Nevada LP-Gas Board traveling in his service vehicle surveying LPG systems, containers, and equipment and conducting safety and training programs to fulfill the board’s mission—to protect the health, welfare, and safety of Silver State residents.
art42Lawn mowers and agricultural irrigation engines are great “load leveling” technologies for the propane industry because consumers and farmers use them primarily in the summer, which is the low point of the year in propane consumption.
NL-p1Each week the Weekly Propane Newsletter brings its readers not only the latest posted and spot prices at all major terminals and refineries around the U.S., but a market analysis and commentary as well. Also featured is a center spread of posted prices, which includes hundreds of postings that are completely updated each week.


art43Air-operated hose reels on the back of propane delivery trucks are an emerging trend. Instead of an electric motor, drivers use the air from the air tanks on the truck to power an air motor to rewind the hose reel.
The air-operated reels are among various items that Roger Smith calls “new old” products.
art34The timing was right as Tucker Perkins spoke to BPN on July 27 about the Freightliner Custom Chassis Corp. (FCCC) 8.0L propane bobtail project. That week, representatives from several companies involved in the project were in Colorado, putting the bobtail through performance, altitude, and load testing. A few months earlier, some of those representatives were in Minnesota, testing the vehicle’s cold weather performance.
Bobtail 2013Propane marketers have heard the news over the past year that the industry would once again have a propane-powered bobtail. Marketers will finally be able to run their bobtails on the fuel they sell.