Recent research in renewable propane is continually making new, exciting discoveries. One such breakthrough has been conducted by Aston University-backed HYDROGAS, a research program that is exploring how to derive biopropane from glycerol.
ONYX Systems will be hosting its second Clean Power University, a company-funded training seminar. The program will educate participants on the benefits of opting for clean-burning propane engines, as well as training students to be certified ONYX service and repair personnel.

FORT PIERCE, Fla. (Oct. 2, 2023) — Palmdale Oil, a provider of fuels, lubricants, and chemicals with delivery solutions across the state of Florida, announced it has acquired Como Oil & Propane of Florida, a Florida-based, full-service fuel and propane distributor. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

LONDON (Oct. 3, 2023) — Global energy and commodity price reporting agency Argus has launched European biopropane prices, completing its suite of prices covering the fast-expanding European market for hydrotreated biofuels.

Hydrotreating animal and vegetable fats is a relatively recent refining technology that enables sustainable biofuel feedstocks such as vegetable and waste oils and animal fats to be converted into fuels that can substitute for conventional hydrocarbon-derived oil products.


RICHLAND, Wash. (Sept. 21, 2023) — Christensen Inc. announced the appointment of Scott Phillips as its new chief financial officer (CFO). Phillips brings a wealth of experience from world-class organizations, including the United States Marines, Citigroup, Walmart and Steel Distribution where he has demonstrated his ability as a purpose-driven leader.

With over 20 years of executive financial experience, Phillips is highly skilled in governance, financial discipline and balance sheet optimization.

OTTAWA (Sept. 28, 2023) — Heating needs to be affordable for everyone, not just the wealthy. As the House of Commons continues to debate C-56, The Affordable Housing and Groceries Act, the Canadian Propane Association (CPA) is calling on Members of Parliament to make life more affordable for Canadians this winter by eliminating the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from home energy bills.

Five new individuals will be making the transition from a student to an employee for the upcoming 2023-2024 heating season. On September 15, PPATEC (Pennsylvania Petroleum Association Technical Education Center) held a graduation ceremony for their HVAC & Energy Professional Program.

The propane distribution company Tankfarm has raised $23 million which it plans to invest in software and sensors research, customer acquisition, and extending its propane delivery reach.

During the latest mid-month period, prices at Mont Belvieu, Texas, increased as we hit early fall. The posted prices increased 15.417 cents/gal, from August mid-month to September mid-month, and the spot prices increased 15.5 cents. Conway, Kan., postings increased 13.2 cents/gal, and spots increased 14 cents over the month.

CLEVELAND (September 12, 2023) Superior Energy Systems has reached a milestone of more than 100 million gallons of fuel pumped through its line of PRO-Vend 2000 propane autogas dispensers. 

Superior Energy Systems’ line of PRO-Vend 2000 propane autogas dispensers feature a secure, cloud-based fuel management system that have the ability to connect to the company’s proprietary network and subsequently track the aggregated number of gallons pumped throughout the United States and Canada.

TORONTO Superior Plus Corp. announced significant changes to its executive leadership team. In line with the company’s strategy to evolve into a next-generation, low-carbon energy distribution company, Superior is taking deliberate steps to enable this strategy by transforming its leadership team.

VALLEY FORGE, Pa. UGI Corporation announced that Santiago Seage was elected a director of UGI Corporation, effective Sept. 18, 2023. Seage is the CEO of Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure plc, a sustainable infrastructure company that owns a diversified portfolio of renewable energy, storage, efficient natural gas, electric transmission and water assets in North and South America, and certain markets in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Seage joined Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure as CEO in 2013.

Cetane Associates has announced that Eastern Propane Inc. has acquired the assets relating to Blue Flame Gas Company. The full-service propane company headquartered in Rangeley, Maine, will now operate under the Easter Propane banner.