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Butane-Propane News (BPN) magazine and digital platform is the propane industry's leading source for news and information. since 1939. Independently owned Butane-Propane News (BPN) is dedicated exclusively to the propane industry, which has been its sole focus since it was founded in 1939. As an autonomous news source, BPN is recognized by leaders and decision makers in the industry as the leading source for propane industry news and information, with more than two-thirds of subscribers in an ownership or management position. When propane leaders need information, they turn to BPN.

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Weekly Propane Newsletter

Butane-Propane News' (BPN) Weekly Propane Newsletter (WPN) brings propane professionals the latest posted and spot prices from all major U.S. terminals and LPG refineries each week get market analysis, commentary, serves as reputable third-party documentation for index-pricing clients and more by subscription by BPNEach week the Weekly Propane Newsletter brings its readers not only the latest posted and spot prices from all major terminals and refineries around the U.S., it includes market analysis and insightful commentary as well. Featured is a center spread of posted prices, which includes hundreds of postings that are completely updated each week. At the same time, the WPN provides up-to-date news items of interest to propane industry insiders. Which way are prices going? Up, down, sideways? The Weekly Propane Newsletter will help you decide. It also serves as third-party pricing verification for index-pricing clients. Click image to view a sample.

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Propane in America

Book CoverThe extraordinary first century of the propane industry is chronicled in “Propane in America: The First 100 Years 1912-2012,” published by Butane-Propane News. The coffee table book highlights propane’s discovery at the turn of the 20th century, its initial use as a lighting fuel, and its evolution to a global source of clean energy for homes, businesses, and engine fuel. Copies are available at special reduced rates in both hardback and quality paperback versions, with bulk rates applying for multiple and bundled orders. Order your copy today. A "must-have" for everyone in the propane industry!

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