BPN ADD Systems Webinar
1:00 p.m. CDT

Propane retailers implement technology to improve efficiency, but what can you really expect to gain from it? Join us to learn about the specific benefits available to you today and how technology can streamline your operation, make more fulfilled employees, enable a great customer experience and positively impact your bottom line. We’ll consider areas like:  


  • Customer service 

  • Back-office functions 

  • Delivery operations 

  • Service operations 

  • Management analytics 


We’ll also hear from a nearly 60-year-old propane business about their experience with technology. 


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John Coyle
Vice President of Sales
ADD Systems

John Coyle is the vice president of sales for ADD Systems, a leading supplier of back-office and mobile software solutions for the petroleum and convenience store industries. With over 30 years of sales, marketing, manufacturing and product development experience, John has a passion for process efficiency management and customer satisfaction. Today, John is able to align his passions through supporting ADD Systems customers across North America, helping them become more profitable while enhancing their customer experience. When not working, John can be found spending time with his family or out in nature.

Robert Michael Nolan
Nolan Energy

Robert Michael Nolan is a businessman and entrepreneur who is president of the family business, Nolan Energy, and founded RMN Properties and Nolan Logistics. Robert studied business administration and electrical engineering at SUNY Utica. Upon graduating, he started working for the New York State Bill Drafting Commission, where he worked directly with the New York State Senate and Assembly preparing the state’s budget. After 13 years, he stepped down to take over the family propane business, where he still works today, 30 years later. He has been a member of the New York Propane Gas Association for 30 years and serves as a District 7 director.