WASHINGTON (January 2023) — The Propane Education & Research Council announces its 2023 Propane Farm Incentive Program, which provides financial incentives of up to $5,000 toward the purchase of qualifying propane equipment — including irrigation engines, power generators, agricultural building and water heating systems and flame weed control systems.

The Propane Farm Incentive Program is a nationwide research and demonstration initiative that offers financial incentives toward the purchase of new propane equipment in exchange for providing operation and propane usage feedback.

To make the application process easier than ever, PERC has created a new online platform with all materials necessary for program qualification and participation. To apply, producers can simply visit propane.com/farmincentive and complete the step-by-step process to receive incentives toward qualifying equipment.


“This program provides an excellent opportunity to directly help producers interested in upgrading farm equipment to new propane-powered systems, while gathering invaluable feedback directly from farmers to continue improving propane equipment,” said Michael Newland, director of agriculture business development at PERC. “We are excited to launch the new online portal to make it even easier for producers to take advantage of our program and save more on powerful propane equipment.”

For more information about propane’s versatility and propane farm equipment, visit Propane.com/Agriculture