EDP expands into Arizona

Energy Distribution Partners (EDP) has announced a partnership with Barrett Propane located in Prescott, Arizona. Barrett Propane provides propane service to more than 4,500 customers in Prescott and the surrounding area. Barrett Propane was owned by Dave Barrett, Malcolm Barrett and Brian Petrovich. 

The Barrett family has been serving the needs of propane customers for more than 50 years. The long careers of both Dave Barrett and Malcolm Barrett have included leadership roles in both the Arizona Propane Gas Association (APGA) and the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA). Dave currently serves as president of the APGA and also serves on the board of directors for the NPGA. In the past, Dave has served as chairman of the Member Services Committee, Convention Committee and the Audit Committee. Malcolm has also served in a number of key roles over the course of his propane career, including as chairman of the NPGA and president of the APGA. 

Dave will continue to lead the company, which will continue to operate under the Barrett Propane name. All of the Barrett Propane employees will remain with the company. 


“We are extremely pleased to welcome Barrett Propane into the EDP family of companies,” said Thomas Knauff, EDP’s president and CEO. “I have been fortunate to know Dave and Malcolm for many years and am thrilled they chose EDP to partner with Barrett Propane as they begin their next chapter. Dave, Malcolm and Malcolm’s son-in-law, Brian — together with their employees — have built an extraordinary company, based on their commitment to taking exceptional care of their customers and employees, while also being actively involved in their local communities.” He added, “We are very eager to have all the Barrett Propane employees join our team.” 

Dave Barrett commented, “Malcolm, Brian and I chose EDP because their business model best fit our vision for the future. EDP was the right choice to preserve the legacy we’ve established at Barrett Propane. We are happy to partner with EDP for the future of our company, our staff and our customers.” 

This is EDP’s 32nd transaction. For more information on the company's vision for growth, please visit edplp.net.