The 2019 Autogas Pavilion is sponsored by UPAS (United Propane AutoGas Solutions) Group. The site brings together autogas industry manufacturers, products, processes, educational tools, and services specially designed for this fast-growing segment of the propane industry.

UPAS Group, as sponsor of the Autogas Pavilion, strives to unite interested propane autogas beneficiaries to promote the advancement of propane use in vehicles and equipment as a viable, safe, clean, affordable, and recognized alternative fuel for the future, while utilizing one of America’s own natural resources.

Its mission is to create a group of “hands on” technical members that are dedicated to working together to promote autogas and continue building the propane industry. Its goals are to have everyone involved from propane vehicle systems manufacturers, system installers and service points, manufacturers and installers of fueling infrastructure, propane fuel suppliers, propane fuel retailers, and fleet administrators, to be able to provide education and solutions to users of autogas.

Quick-Connect Nozzle
SE Propane Expo new LPG autogas product from Alliance Autogas quick-connect nozzleThe Staubli ultra-low emission quick-connect nozzle is easy to use and weighs approximately 3 lb. No autogas can escape, and no gas flow is possible, unless the refueling nozzle is engaged by the connection piece. Available from Alliance AutoGas, the Staubli valve’s design allows for effortless connection and simulates the ease of refueling with a gasoline pump nozzle. Booth #T-122

Hose Reel Assemblies
Elaflex now has available hose reel assemblies with the reel and hose. The reels are available with spring, hydraulic, pneumatic, or electric drive systems. The lightweight steel and stainless steel frames enhance this robust, high-performing unit. Booth #132

PFDI System
SE Propane Expo new autogas product featured by Alliance Autogas PFDI SystemThe Alliance AutoGas PFDI system, first introduced in 2018, remains the first and only aftermarket technology of its kind available to the marketplace today. This alternative fuel solution can integrate Alliance’s engineered system into the OEM factory computer system of the vehicle, providing a seamless communication between the two. Booth #T-122

Autogas Nozzle
SE Proane Expo new autogas product by Elaflex Euro UL NozzleElaflex is displaying its ZVG2 EURO nozzle, a new ultra-low-loss, quick-connect style nozzle that now has a latching device for ease of use by consumers. The nozzle connection follows the ISO 19825 standard. The ZVG2 EURO UL nozzle features a new look “Nozzle Talker,” a large window display on the top of the nozzle that can be used for advertising or communicating important messages to your customers or operators. Both the latching mechanism and the Nozzle Talker can be retrofitted in the field. The nozzle requires little maintenance, is low-cost over the lifetime of the product, and is completely repairable. It comes with an 18-month manufacturer’s warranty. Booth #132

Propane Evacuation System
SE Propane Expo new LPG autogas product from Sleegers propane evacuation systemThe Propane Evacuation System from SLEEGERS is a self-contained unit that includes everything needed to safely and efficiently evacuate liquid and propane vapor from a motor fuel tank. Current liquid injection propane technologies require the opening of the motor fuel tank for filter replacement and pump service. The evacuation system provides a safe, compliant service tool that also conserves all stranded fuel for reuse. Booth #324

Fuel Management System
SE Propane Expo features new autogas product by Parafour ParaFUEL Fleet managment systemThe P4-ParaFUEL-Fleet is a self-contained autogas fuel management system for NTEP
fleet and retail that is RFID- or PIN code-actuated. It can be used by an unlimited number of customers, drivers, and vehicles at differing price levels. The system, from Parafour, offers local access with a USB stick for reporting or is networkable with an ethernet connection. Booth #332
SE Propane Expo features new autogas product from Parafour Parascale-Light automatic scale
Scale Control
Parafour’s P4-Parascale-Lite automatic scale control shuts off fuel flow to a cylinder when it reaches the full level. The control features explosion-proof components, with no exposed wires or other fragile parts, and has a pump motor control, flow control solenoid, fill complete lamp, among other options. It is easily installed on standard scales. Booth #332

SE Propane Expo features new autogas product from Elaflex the orange band propane hose for N. AmericaThe Elaflex Orange Band propane hose has now been certified to UL21 and CSA 8.1 for use in the North American market. The hoses come in sizes from ½-in. to 2 inches, and are resistant to abrasion, have low permeation, and are extremely low leaching of extractables that harm injectors. They have a 2-year manufacturer‘s warranty. Booth #132
SE Propane Expo new autogas product from ROUSH CleanTech F-650 chassis cab
Chassis Cab
ROUSH CleanTech’s F-650 chassis cab with a single long tank features a 6.8L V10 Ford engine with a ROUSH CleanTech autogas fuel system. It features a 6-speed automatic transmission, a 50 usable gallon tank, weighs 33,000 GVWR, and can be used with bobtail trucks. Booth #T-129

Cylinder Exchange Kiosk
SE Expo new autogas product by Sleegers LPG Propane Cylinder Exchange kioskThe SLEEGERS Automated Propane Cylinder Exchange Kiosk allows customers to purchase or exchange barbecue cylinders 24/7 without an attendant. The web-enabled kiosk is third-party certified to the applicable North American standards and is equipped with various safety features. The kiosk uses a secure PCI compliant payment terminal that accepts debit and credit card transactions. Booth #324
SE Propane Expo features new autogas product by Parafour air compressor system for LPG
Air Compressor System
A self-contained air compressor system for internal valve actuation is available from Parafour. The system is computer controlled with leak detection and warning with alarm options. The compressor has a 1-gal. air tank at 80 psi, with output pressure regulated to 30 to 50 psi. It requires minimal maintenance. Booth #332