Doug Dagan from Suburban Propane.Whippany, NJ — (March 18, 2024) — Suburban Propane Partners L.P., a nationwide distributor of propane, renewable propane, renewable natural gas, fuel oil and related products and services has announced that Doug Dagan, vice president of Strategic Initiatives — Renewable Energy, has been named to The Bioeconomy 500 for 2024, which celebrates leading figures in the bioeconomy's growth and progress. Notably, Dagan remains the sole representative from an American propane company on the list. 

“Doug continues to significantly contribute to Suburban Propane's renewable energy division, leveraging his expertise to propel our brand forward in this critical field through insightful analysis and strategic partnerships. We are extremely proud of his ongoing recognition,” said Nandini Sankara, spokesperson for Suburban Propane. 

“It is an honor to again be listed in the Biofuels Digest Top 500 list for 2024,” said Doug Dagan, Vice President of Strategic initiatives – Renewable Energy, Suburban Propane. “This recognition is a testament to the great work ... Suburban Propane is doing to grow its renewable energy offerings and bring more bioenergy to our customers.” 


The Daily Digest unveiled the Bioeconomy 500 for 2024, acknowledging individuals for their pivotal roles in advancing the bioeconomy through development and project execution. The list honors professionals across various sectors, including scientists, engineers, policymakers, financiers, project developers, feedstock innovators, offtakers, advocates, and partners in supply-chain and distribution. 

In his role, Dagan continues to support Suburban Propane's objectives for growth and diversification, through the identification, analysis, and implementation of transformative acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and investments in renewable energy initiatives. 

Since joining Suburban Propane in 2020, Dagan has brought over two decades of experience in advising public and private sectors on renewable energy projects, advocating for sustainable and clean energy policies, and contributing to climate change solutions. 

His background spans work in private practice and with influential organizations such as the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, grounded in his education in environmental chemistry and law and policy related to renewable energy and environmental issues. 

Dagan holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and environmental studies from Middlebury College, a master’s degree in environmental management from Yale University, and master’s degrees in energy law and policy, along with a Juris Doctor degree in environmental law from Vermont Law School.