Leiden (June 5, 2024) — Dimeta, a joint venture accelerating the production and use of renewable and recycled carbon fuel, is partnering with Delft University of Technology and The Green Village to trial the use of dimethyl ether (DME) with an LPG blend in home heating for the first time in Europe.

Renewable DME is a sustainable and clean fuel, used extensively in the chemical industry and as an aerosol propellant. Extensive research and laboratory testing has been undertaken by Dimeta and various trade associations resulting in the conclusion that a 12% DME/LPG blend is safe and can be immediately blended without modification to infrastructure and equipment. However, this blend has yet to be trialled in a real-world home heating environment in Europe. Located at Delft University of Technology’s The Green Village, this trial led by Dimeta will serve as a testing ground for a sustainable heating option for 137 million people in Europe living in off-grid, hard-to-decarbonize homes.

The home will receive heat and hot water from a DME/LPG blend, using an off-the-shelf LPG boiler and cylinders with an LPG/DME blend. This highlights the benefits of a DME, in avoiding the need for costly retrofits or new appliances. The chemical similarity between DME and LPG allows for DME to be blended into LPG up to 12%. The ability of DME to blend seamlessly into existing infrastructure can help expedite the transition towards cleaner energy sources. Further plans are underway to install space heaters and cooking appliances to test and demonstrate the versatility of DME as a fuel source.


DME can also be used as a pure fuel in 100% DME-dedicated appliances with modifications to supply chain infrastructure.

Dimeta’s project will gather user feedback on the performance of appliances and monitor the improvement of air quality by reducing noxious emissions as it moves beyond the laboratory setting and into real-world applications.

Speaking about the launch of the trial, Stephen Hallett, operations director at Dimeta said “We are delighted to be launching Europe’s first trial of a DME and LPG blend in home heating at The Green Village. Developments regarding renewable and recycled carbon DME are among some of the most exciting in the global energy landscape, and for the 137 million people in Europe without a connection to the main gas grid, this will provide a pathway towards real decarbonization options”.

Further commenting on the trial, Lidewij van Trigt from The Green Village said “We are very happy to collaborate with Dimeta. With this trial, not only the technical aspects of using a DME/LPG blend will be tested. Our field lab provides relevant test facilities where residents can provide their feedback and Dimeta is able to gain knowledge on how to apply this gas within the framework of Dutch legislation.”