Peter FERRELL Director political industry affairs NPGA picBy Peter B. Ferrell… For nearly a century, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) has been an advocate for the propane industry, representing the interests of business sectors and segments. But this business sector outreach overlooked the most valuable asset the industry has, the industry employees themselves. NPGA’s Individual/Employee Membership, or IM, provides an avenue for the employees of member companies to enhance their professional development and leadership potential. The IM program aims to groom the next generation of volunteer industry leadership by introducing young professionals to the near- and long-term policy and political challenges and opportunities confronting the industry.

David Lowe of Pro Image Communications represents IM interests on the NPGA board. He views greater employee involvement with NPGA as a direct benefit for companies. “IM allows members the ability to network with industry peers, utilize NPGA’s [advocacy] tools and resources, and be involved in professional development activities, such as the Benchmarking Council and Women in Propane.”

IM offers a two-way street of communication between industry personnel and NPGA. The program is available to all member company employee classifications—bobtail drivers, bookkeepers, and CEOs. This range of skill sets and experiences allows NPGA to understand the scope of issues facing the industry workforce and how it can better serve the membership.

The creation of the IM program was also due in part to the ever-growing need for grassroots advocates and politically engaged individuals, particularly after the infamous winter of 2013/2014. Chad Kroening of Boehlke Bottled Gas Corp. joined IM not long after that season, looking to become more engaged in federal issues. “The advocacy communications I receive directly from NPGA as an IM have been invaluable. Through the program, I have been connected to the actual grassroots measures that NPGA has taken on.” Kroening currently serves as chair of NPGA’s political action committee, PropanePAC, which engages with the IM program to increase propane’s political voice in Congress.

The policy challenges facing the propane industry are real, but so are the opportunities. The “fight electrification” advocacy program is one example of an opportunity to become more involved on an individual basis at the local level. IM can expand your professional reach and be a tool for career development. Join us today.

If you are a current employee of an NPGA member company, you’re invited to become a member free of charge. Details can be found at

Peter B. Ferrell is director, political and industry affairs, with the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA).