DASHBOARD MODULE. Cargas Energy has introduced its new Advanced Reporting & Dashboard module. The reporting tool, embedded directly in Cargas Energy, allows New Cargas Energy Propane Delivery Software BPN June 2020users to get needed insights without leaving the software. The Advanced Reporting & Dashboards helps fuel dealers understand their business performance, spot trends or anomalies, and quickly respond to changes. The module includes ready-to-use reports and sample dashboards, with a drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy for users to build their own, and built-in graphs, charts, and visuals, interactive filters, and automated report emails. cargasenergy.com/reporting

New Propane Regulator Products by RegO BPN 0620LOW-PRESSURE REGULATOR. The LV5503BD series of dielectric low-pressure second-stage regulators, standard settings, are available from RegO Products. The large regulators for second-stage use are offered with 1/2-in. and 3/4-in. inlets and 3/4-in. and 1-in. outlets, for more volume at burner pressures of 11-in. w.c. It provides protection with dielectric isolation for copper tubing, and the only 10-year warranty. The regulators are made in the USA.
New Propane Product by Real Fyre BPN June 2020

The Real Fyre Rural Oak Rumford Collection from R.H. Peterson features a vertically arranged log set crafted specifically to accommodate the tall opening designs of the company’s Rumford or Kiva style fireplaces. The logs feature intricate bark detail and wood fire realism. The Rural Oak Rumford Collection is available in three log styles including Rural Oak, Rural Aged Oak, and Rural Split Oak, two sizes (18/24-in. and 24/30-in.), with many control options available.