It wasn't just the Innovation Pavilion that had new propane products on exhibit at the 2018 NPGA Southeastern Convention and International Propane Expo in Atlanta. Here are several new propane-related products that were introduced to attendees for the first time on the 2018 Expo floor…

Data and Controls Platform
LiquidControls SE 042018The CENTRILOGiQ from Liquid Controls is a fueling data and controls platform designed to connect critical sensing, control, and data management technologies to fueling operations and the outside world. Its platform consists of the LCR.iQ electronic register and the system of various sensing and control devices that connect through it. It is intentionally designed for compatibility with all major OEMs, sensing devices, and third-party data providers. Users can configure the fueling process, screen layout, and data outputs to allow end users to standardize fueling procedures across their fleet.

Dielectric Regulators
Marshall Excelsior New Propane Product at NPGA Southeastern Convention 2018The Sentinel series second-stage dielectric regulators from Marshall Excelsior Co. (MEC) feature an integral dielectric inlet connection designed to isolate upstream metallic piping from electrical current prior to piping entering a building in compliance with NFPA58 - 2017 section on 6.11.316. Since the FNPT inlet serves as the dielectric separation media, any standard MNPT threaded connector or valve can be installed without a separate dielectric union. Both compact and full size models have the same basic footprint measurement from inlet to outlet, as all standard Excela-Flo second stage regulators, simplifying regulator change-outs. MEGR-1622D and MEGR-1622D series feature inlet and outlets that are inline, while the MEGR-1252D and MEGR-1652D have a rear back mount discharge outlet. The MEGR-1642D series’ side discharge is located 90 degrees from the inlet for installations with horizontal piping, including those with vapor metering systems.

Bergquist Inc. introduces new products at NPA Southeastern Convention 2018Bergquist Inc.
is introducing the CFlexliner from Chicago Fittings
, which is designed to remove a minimum of two below-grade joints per riser when compared to a standard pigtail-style anodeless riser. The CFlexliner has updated the company’s X-Riser, an underground, jointless, flexible pipe that eliminates the risk associated with below-grade joints, with features to increase ease of installation and accessibility for the customer. The CFlexliner has more flexibility than the traditional X-Riser for more movement of the product once the polyethylene tubing has been fitted through. It also features less “shape memory” to relax to a straight position after being tightly coiled.

Sliding Vane Pump
Blackmer introduces new propane product at NPGA Southeastern Convention 2018Blackmer
sliding vane pumps for the LPG market,
including its LG, LGL, and TLGLF models, offer sustained high-level performance, energy efficiency, trouble-free operation, and low maintenance cost. Designed for maximum performance and reliability in a wide variety of LPG applications, these pumps are suited for cylinder filling, motor fueling, bulk transfer in liquid terminals, vaporizers, and on bobtails and transports. All models are UL-listed. The Ebsray RC series regenerative turbine pumps now include the RC40 pump, part of the series designed and built for high-pressure transfer in LP-gas and autogas applications. The impeller design, which optimizes hydraulic performance, results in high differential pressures even at low flow rates.

Rural Computer Consultants introduces new propane software at 2018 Southeastern ConventionRural Computer Consultants
(RCC) is introducing its Version 10 software
. The new release is faster, better, and stronger than prior versions.

Software Widgets
Blue Cow Software’s new customizable widgets for its Ignite Analytics software enhance its users’ ability to customize what data is shown on their Analytics Dashboard. The widgets will help business managers stay on top of areas of business that are important to them. Users can select from more than 50 different widgets to include on their dashboard, or they can also customize the size and color of the widgets, where the widgets appear on the screen, and what criteria is used to display the data. The management team has the ability to set permissions on which users can utilize which widgets.