The Baker Hughes United States rig count is down seven from last week to 753, with oil rigs down seven to 600, gas rigs unchanged at 151, and miscellaneous rigs unchanged at two.

The U.S. rig count is up 103 rigs from last year's count of 650 with oil rigs up 78, gas rigs up 24, and miscellaneous up one. The U.S. offshore rig count is unchanged at 17, up five year over year.

Baker Hughes Rig Count Canada Down 4 

Canada rig count is down four from last week to 244, with oil rigs down five to 158, and gas rigs up one to 86.


Canada rig count is up 20 rigs from last year's count of 224 with oil rigs up 20, gas rigs up one and miscellaneous down one.
Additional information on the Baker Hughes Rig Count is available on the rig count website.