A picture of the capitol building and the sunset behind it, where Propane Days takes place.
NPGA & PERC representatives give a rundown on NPGA’s annual Propane Days & PERC’s Leadership in Energy Ambassador Program

2024 Propane Days 

The National Propane Gas Association’s (NPGA) Propane Days is an annual event encompassing NPGA’s Annual and Board of Directors Meetings and the association’s advocacy day on Capitol Hill. As the propane industry faces legislative and regulatory challenges, NPGA looks forward to hosting association members to meet directly with federal legislators to discuss critical issues impacting the propane industry. 

Propane Days includes a legislative breakfast, a briefing on NPGA’s priorities, best practices for conducting/attending congressional meetings, in-person meetings with representatives on Capitol Hill, and a congressional reception. 

To prepare attendees for Propane Days, NPGA’s Legislative Affairs team will host a webinar in May to review best practices when taking meetings on Capitol Hill. The webinar will also cover the top advocacy asks for the propane industry during Propane Days, including this preliminary list of issues: 

  • Energy Choice 
    • Ensure that federal agencies do not restrict consumer choice in using propane furnaces, stoves and other related applications. 
  • Appropriations 
    • Advocate for continued research into the development of renewable propane. Furthermore, support the use of propane-powered generators in combined heat and power systems and microgrid applications. 
  • National Defense Reauthorization Act 
    • Authorize a pilot program designed to promote the use of propane-powered generators at domestic Department of Defense facilities to increase microgrid resiliency. 
  • Farm Bill 
    • Codify and expand propane’s inclusion in the Farm Storage Facility Loan Program. Additionally, give propane an exemption from the Chemical Facilities Anti-Terrorism Program. 
  • Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization 
    • Promote the use of propane-powered vehicles and propane-powered microgrids at airports. 


Additionally, on the day of the congressional meetings, attendees will receive tailored advocacy folders for each meeting based on the top issues, congressional committee assignments and geographic locations. 

Propane Days 2023 was the biggest advocacy event NPGA has hosted. Association members conducted over 200 congressional meetings, and more than 450 guests and 15 Members of Congress attended the reception in the Rayburn House Office Building. Last year’s event had a terrific turnout, and NPGA expects 2024’s event to be even bigger. 

Look for announcements from NPGA for webinar dates, agendas and hotel information. NPGA will publish this information on its website and in the weekly Bobtail newsletter. If you have any questions, please contact Michael Baker, NPGA’s chief legislative officer, at mbaker@npga.org. 

Join NPGA for Propane Days 2024 on June 2-4 at the Hilton, Washington, D.C. 

Leadership in Energy Ambassadors 

The Propane Education & Research Council’s (PERC) Leadership in Energy Ambassador Program aims to increase propane’s voice in the national energy conversation by nurturing talent and empowering future leaders to be educated advocates for the propane industry. 

Becoming an Energy Ambassador means you will be equipped with the knowledge, confidence and tools to enhance the awareness of propane’s benefits in your company, state and region. 

Over the course of two years of the program, PERC has proudly welcomed 76 Energy Ambassadors, each of whom has made significant contributions to amplifying propane’s voice on behalf of their companies in the local communities they serve. 

Examples of their commitment include using social media to showcase propane’s innovations and environmental advantages and hosting community events to demonstrate what propane can make possible. They have continued to keep propane in the conversation by sharing their perspectives as podcast guests, writing letters to the editor and starting weekly communications through their state newsletters. 

This year’s ambassadors will meet in Charleston, South Carolina, March 26-27, to learn critical content, competency development and use of various tools. Topics to be covered include renewable propane, media training, environmental messaging and using assorted PERC resources. 

Participants will also be given the exclusive opportunity to tour the nearby PERC-sponsored Southern Living Idea House, where a broad range of propane appliances and new technology will be displayed. 

After the conference, they will continue to engage in ongoing development and complete post-conference activities that highlight propane’s benefits in their community. Examples of post-conference activities include: 

  • Hosting an educational event for end users (builders, architects, engineers, realtors, farmers, school districts) 
  • Submitting a letter to the editor 
  • Sharing social media posts 
  • Holding a customer service appreciation day Including the propane brand on company assets 
  • Sponsoring a press event where propane messages can be shared 

Program applicants must seek nomination from their company CEO or owner, agree to pre- and post-meeting work, and be enthusiastic about the opportunity to engage with their communities and other industry colleagues. Applications for 2025 will open in the fall.

Michael Baker is chief legislative officer for NPGA. 

Patrick Hyland is the director of industry communications for PERC.


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