SAVE THE DATE: June 7 is #LPGday

The second edition of #LPGday will be marked on June 7. The World LPG Association (WLPGA) celebrates #LPGday each year to raise awareness about LPG using the #LPGday hashtag and also the LPG industry’s creative input. Launched last year as part of the annual global awareness calendar, #LPGday was a great success, engaging the LPG industry, media, politicians, and the general public around the world. With #LPGday, the industry can significantly increase the visibility of the benefits of LPG with a highly focused social media outreach.

This year, #LPGday will highlight the critical role of LPG in the COVID-19 crisis. LPG is a clean, transportable, and immediate energy solution. WLPGA invites the LPG industry to spread the word through adoption of the #LPGday hashtag on June 7 on all social media platforms.

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