Workers' Compensation Dilemmas For Propane Marketers

worker compensation tips for LPG marketers and retailers to know reported in BPN the propane industry's leading source for news since 1939(July 8, 2020) — An article in the June 2020 issue of BPN, “Workers’ Compensation Dilemmas” by Frank Thompson, provided an example of an employee doing clerical or outside salesperson’s duties along with filling propane bottles.

It stated that if the propane marketer kept Verifiable Time Records, an independent workers’ compensation (WC) auditor would be allowed to utilize a lower WC code for the majority of the employee’s payroll.

The National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) reports that this would not be allowed:

“Whether or not separate verifiable records for time spent in the office vs. time filling propane tanks were kept, a division of payroll would still not be allowed per NCCI Basic Manual Rule 2-G. The employee would be assigned to the appropriate basic classification for the duties associated with propane bottle filling.” For any questions, contact
NCCI's Customer Service Department.

(Photo courtesy: Anamul Rezwan)