(May 13, 2020) New England — IDEAL Energy is a Member-Owned Cooperative of local energy distributors that exists to deliver reliable and secure heating and transportation fuels through a qualitative, independent network.
IDEAL launches New England propane coop for buying power secure lpg supply Infographic reports BPN propane industry leading source for news since 1939IDEAL (Independents Delivering Energy Aligned Locally), works with local privately held energy retailers to help them manage the ongoing challenges of consolidation from large utilities and national energy corporations. Working together, IDEAL helps local providers defend margin, prevent volume erosion, share best-in-class operational expertise, and offers a Fuel-Local brand to gain more customers. Through cooperation with Fuel-Local branding assets, Members can better communicate the benefits of using local, independent providers to their customers.

Kris Magnusson, General Manager and Co-founder of IDEAL says, “One of our greatest Member benefits is our strength as a community by aggregating resources. For example, during this COVID-19 crisis, those members who applied for PPP, were approved to receive this assistance in record time. Our ability to offer guidance helps strengthen our Members’ core businesses.”

Ryan Jackson, COO of DF Richard in Dover, NH and Board Chair of IDEAL, stated, “My business has been directly helped by IDEAL. The Cooperative brings our company pre-vetted, industry-leading supplier and vendor partners which have already saved my business significant bottom-line dollars. IDEAL’s attention to Member best practices and development helps to maintain our edge over our competitors, while maintaining our own identity and brand. I would highly recommend Membership to all local, privately held independent energy retailers who are serious about upping their game against the competition and taking their business to the next level by participating in a genuine dealer-focused community.

About IDEAL Energy Cooperative:
Founded in October 2019, IDEAL currently has a Member footprint, along with supplier and vendor partners, spread throughout New England, New York, and Pennsylvania. IDEAL currently has buying power of more than 179 million distillate and propane gallons, and half a billion dollars in business revenue. IDEAL is ready to welcome new members, suppliers, and vendors. All of the Cooperative’s Members are proud to be privately held, and independently owned and operated. For more information contact Kris Magnusson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Ryan Jackson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..