Advocating For The Propane Industry In 2021
NPGA is moving forward quickly on 2021 national and state initiatives.

BPN reports Steve Kaminski announced as new CEO national propane gas association Oct 2019With all of the historic firsts in 2020 behind us, NPGA is moving forward quickly on 2021 national and state initiatives. It’s a time of change at the national level and as a non-partisan organization, NPGA is well-positioned to work with the incoming Biden administration. Political experts expect the Biden administration to rejoin the Paris Agreement on the first day of his presidency. Organized under the United Nations, this multilateral agreement aims to strengthen the global response to climate change.

We consider this approach to be an opportunity to highlight propane as part of the clean energy solution. With its beneficial environmental and low-carbon properties, it can be a favored energy source under the Paris Agreement and all legislation coming out of Washington on energy and the environment—including new laws and regulations relating to emissions profiles, tax incentives, and Autogas corridors. NPGA is also working closely with the World LPG Association to understand best advocacy practices, especially in Europe, to counteract misinformed policies that could harm our industry.

On the state side, NPGA is in a period of active engagement given most state legislatures are in session during the January-May timeframe. In 2021, NPGA is playing offense and defense at the state level. NPGA is launching “Ban the Bans” advocacy programs designed to preserve energy choice in targeted regions of the country. The goal is to highlight the community resilience, favorable economics, and low-carbon profile propane presents to enact state law that restricts localities from picking energy source winners and losers. Providing decision-makers with factual data and emotional stories are critical components of the program. Visit to learn more. NPGA also collaborates with key ally associations across relevant industries to expand the reach of these efforts.


On the defensive side, there are several critical states where energy choice is currently at risk. In these states, NPGA is working in collaboration with the state and regional propane gas associations to provide regulators and policy-makers the necessary tools and access to expertise needed to make data-based decisions.

Change means opportunity and NPGA will capitalize on it. We are advocating aggressively for the industry to promote the role propane will play as a fuel of the future.

Steve Kaminski is president and CEO of the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA).

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