(December 26, 2017) — COMPRESSOR BROCHURE. Blackmer, part of PSG, a Dover company, has available a new brochure describing how its oil-free reciprocating Product Blackmer 122017compressors can improve vapor recovery in the LPG and NH3 industries. When LPG or NH3 is stored, transferred, or transported, a large amount of fugitive emissions are vented or flared into the atmosphere. But vapor-recovery equipment can be utilized in liquid terminals and bulk storage facilities, bulk cylinder filling plants and bulk cylinder distributors, auto fuel dispensing, and mobile evacuation to improve a company’s environmental compliance and bottom line. Blackmer’s compressors are designed for specific applications in LPG and NH3 gas handling, product transfer, and vapor recovery, and its patented isolation chamber design and piston seals prevent oil contamination and cylinder blow-by. Blackmer LB series stationary compressors, designed to handle propane, butane, and anhydrous ammonia, are suited for unloading railcars, pressure vessels, transports, and tanks that present poor suction conditions for pumps, where system piping restricts flow, and installations requiring an initial lift to the liquid. The Blackmer Mobile Evacuation Unit provides liquid evacuation and vapor recovery wherever needed for storage tanks and transports, or transferring liquids from tank to tank. www.blackmer.com.

Product ADD 122017KPI DASHBOARDS. Advanced Digital Data Inc. (ADD Systems) has introduced the new KPI (Key Performance Indicators) dashboard for Atlas Advanced Business Intelligence for ADD Energy E3. The KPI is designed to enhance, and work in conjunction with, the company’s BI product. ADD Systems has created more than 20 KPIs to focus on the most important business metrics. Atlas BI was built to have a direct connection with the ADD Energy E3 back-office solution to provide the most efficient picture of what’s currently happening in a business. With the KPIs adjusted to a company’s business rules, management can get a visual picture on how the business is performing against defined targets. From driver productivity to past due A/R, Atlas offers the insight for business owners to make faster, more informed decisions to improve business and profitability. www.addsys.com