Westport Fuel Systems Inc., a global leader in low-emissions alternative fuel transportation technologies, has announced the release of its 2022 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) report. The 2022 ESG Report outlines the company's accomplishments within its core ESG-based areas of focus including: carbon footprint, operational health and safety, diversity, equity and inclusion, responsible sourcing, human rights, and ESG governance.

Since inception Westport has focused on clean, affordable transportation solutions, and therefore the company's goals and strategies are inherently aligned with today's ESG-related risks and opportunities. To positively impact its global customers, Westport has strengthened its governance practices and management processes, advanced stakeholder engagement, and is working towards strengthening supply chain resilience and due diligence.

"The release of our 2022 ESG Report is a testament to our commitment to creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders. It reflects our deep understanding that success lies not only in financial gains, but also in fostering environmental stewardship, promoting social responsibility, and driving strong governance. While we celebrate our progress, we recognize the work that lies ahead," said David M. Johnson, chief executive officer of Westport. "The challenges we face as a global community demand our unwavering dedication to continuous improvement. Our 2022 ESG Report serves as a compass, pointing us towards areas where we can further enhance our impact and drive positive change. It highlights the initiatives we are undertaking to address critical issues and reinforces our commitment to operating ethically, minimizing our environmental footprint, and empowering communities. Let's build a brighter, sustainable tomorrow together," added Johnson.


Highlights of the 2022 ESG Report include: reduced 1,498,438 tons of CO2 via Westport products, recycled over 89% of total waste from production sites, 55% increase in solar-based energy consumption, 32% of global workforce is female, 44% female representation on the Board of Directors, 89% of non-employee directors are independent, 71% of Westport 900+ suppliers are local, 100% of suppliers were delivered an ESG survey, and initiated Scope 3 emissions calculations.

In 2023, Westport is prioritizing energy management initiatives across their facilities, thereby aiming to reduce carbon footprints. Following on the successful implementation of photovoltaic energy at its facility in Poland, the company is also planning to increase investments at its Italian facilities to target 10% of their energy needs from this renewable source.

Additionally, Westport has conducted decarbonization workshops at its three largest production sites in early 2023, thereby developing action plans to drive future reductions in Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions.

The 2022 ESG Report is available for download at https://wfsinc.com/company/sustainability/overview. Feedback or inquiries can be sent to sustainability@wfsinc.com.