An Ignik Gas Growler is pictured in its natural setting.Bainbridge Island, Wash. — Feb. 12, 2024 — Ignik, a Seattle-based brand known for its innovative and solution-based outdoor heating products, has announced the continued growth of its first-to-market refillable fuel line with the new compact Gas Growler 3.8 and new colorways for the flagship Gas Growler Deluxe and Gas Growler X.

With over 40 million 1-pound single-use propane bottles ending up in landfills each year, Ignik, a marketer of refillable fuel for outdoor recreation, is offering more refillable Gas Growler options for outdoor adventure, travel, and more.

Ignik’s Gas Growler 3.8 allows users to cook and stay warm without the waste. With each refill, users get nearly four times the fuel compared to a single-use bottle. It’s designed with high-quality construction and extra durable rubber edging. Tanks are pre-purged, ready to fill at any commercial propane filling station, and are DOT-approved with a 12-year valve certification.


Later this spring, Ignik will introduce Gas Growler 3.8 Deluxe, which will include a 4-foot adapter hose that’s compatible with all single and double-burner camp stoves and portable heaters. 

“Producing sustainable outdoor heating products has always been at the core of Ignik’s mission,” says Peter Pontano, Ignik’s vice president of Brand & Product. “Since we launched our flagship Gas Growler Deluxe in 2019, we’ve sold over 75,000 Gas Growlers, which has helped to keep over 700,000 single-use propane bottles from our landfills — and that’s just off of one fill. The best part about our Gas Growlers is that those numbers will continue to double, triple, and so on with more refills. By providing outdoor enthusiasts with more options, like the incredibly compact 3.8, we are truly excited to see a shift in behavior by ingraining the idea of refillable propane into the outdoor adventure lifestyle.”

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