DALLAS (Sept. 14, 2021) EnLink Midstream LLC announced that it donated 50,000 gallons of propane to support residents of Southeast Louisiana experiencing extended power outages as a result of Hurricane Ida. EnLink is partnering with O'Nealgas, a full-service propane company that is delivering the propane directly to first responders and local residents, via on-site service trucks, and the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry Foundation (LABI) to ensure the propane is serving those in need.

"EnLink has a 60-plus-year history in the state of Louisiana, which has seen severe devastation in the wake of Hurricane Ida," EnLink Chairman and CEO Barry E. Davis said. "We want to assist our neighbors in this trying time and are thankful for the partnership of O'Nealgas. This propane normally would be sold into pipeline markets but now will go directly into the hands of people in need, helping run generators, cook food, and power on-the-ground response operations, while they await the return of electricity to their communities."

EnLink operates a large network of assets in Louisiana and along the Gulf Coast, including one of the largest gas transmission pipeline systems in Louisiana. O'Nealgas, which was founded in Louisiana, initially reached out to EnLink about obtaining a donation of propane to help residents. O'Nealgas and EnLink have had a strong working relationship for many years.


"When I approached EnLink about helping us get desperately needed propane to the hardest hit communities in south Louisiana, they agreed without hesitation," said Tom O'Neal, president of O'Nealgas. "The only surprise was the incredible generosity — donating 50,000 gallons of propane to the residents of those communities was an amazing, Texas-sized lifeline that literally helped people keep the lights on and feed their families."

The EnLink donation is already making its way into the hands of Louisianans, as O'Nealgas and LABI began delivering it last week to lines of eager residents.

"This is just another example of our members representing the best of Louisiana," said LABI President and CEO Stephen Waguespack. "The overwhelming generosity of these two companies will help families get back on their feet and on the road to recovery following Ida. It's what Louisianans do, and LABI is incredibly proud and honored to serve alongside them."