Flanders, New Jersey (April 29, 2022)ADD Systems announced a new integration with Sygic, a worldwide supplier of professional GPS navigation for fleets.

ADD Systems needed to find a comprehensive navigation tool for drivers in the fuel delivery business. The company wanted a solution that would improve both fleet efficiency and safety.

Rob Culbertson, senior vice president and chief operating officer at ADD Systems shared, “ADD Systems serves the fuel delivery business, and that means working with fleets of trucks with size, weight, and hazmat restrictions. We needed a mapping product that could handle all those considerations and give our clients the safest, most efficient routes possible. We found that answer in Sygic”


“ADD Systems has been building up their impressive expertise in energy distribution for nearly 50 years. With that in mind, we’re truly honored they chose Sygic as their navigation and routing partner. Our solution enables you to reliably navigate trucks that often carry high-risk cargo and to account for various specifics of these vehicles when planning trips, with one ultimate goal: To ensure the smoothest drive to their final destination,” added Miroslav Remecky, chief commercial officer at Sygic.

With the combination of their solutions, users can now optimize routes and maximize profitability according to vehicle parameters and truck-related attributes. Drivers will benefit from premium functionalities, including offline maps, the most accurate estimated time of arrival, and lane assistance.

“Sygic has an impressive product and a great team of experts behind it. In partnering with them, we are excited and confident that our product provides the best routing possible for our clients,” said Rob Culbertson.