ROUSH CleanTech has received California Air Resources Board certification for 2023 model year propane engines at 0.02 grams per brake horsepower-hour. Previously available as an added-cost option, the ultra-low nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions package is now standard on every propane engine sold by ROUSH CleanTech.

The engines emit 90% less NOx emissions than allowed under 2023 regulations, and are 60% cleaner than California’s 2024 low-NOx standard, without compromising performance or efficiency.

LT Corporation of Cleveland, Mississippi, the parent company of Quality Steel Corporation, LP Cylinder Service Inc., Buckeye Manufacturing Company, and Kryton Engineered Metals Inc., announced the acquisition of the assets of Tate Metalworks Inc.

Tate, founded in 1972 and operating with its manufacturing facility in Spartanburg, South Carolina, is an industry-leading specialty shop fabricator and field erector of welded steel storage tanks and pressure vessels serving a host of heavy industrial clients.