ONYX Systems LLC will hold its second Clean Power University training seminar at its North Carolina factory on October 18. ONYX has a nationwide service network in place to support its products in the marketplace. ONYX is committed to continually building out and sharpening its service capability nationwide. The course also educates on the merits of replacing high-carbon emission, gasoline-engine-powered machinery and equipment with ONYX clean-burning propane engine powered alternatives. All ONYX engines fall far below the current Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and California Air Resource Board (CARB) emission standards, often by several orders of magnitude. Propane powered internal combustion engines are therefore an ideal near-zero emission bridge-technology on the pathway to zero emissions.

ONYX will host dealer and distributor service technicians at the ONYX Clean Power University, which is a hands-on comprehensive eight-hour training course where the company's propane and battery technology will be covered, spanning the entire ONYX hard floor care, concrete finishing and polishing product lines. Upon completing the course, the students will become authorized and certified ONYX service and repair personnel.

Taught by expert ONYX factory engineers and technicians, the school covers:

Propane Engines & Equipment

  • Propane safety, regulations, requirements
  • Propane cylinders
  • Propane engine basics and function
  • Engine conversions to propane
  • Fuel system calibration, tuning, and troubleshooting
  • Compression testing
  • Cylinder head replacement
  • Valve and spark plug gap settings
  • Oil and air filter changing
  • Electrical lockoff, coils, spark plug, voltage regulator, starter solenoid
  • Emission module and oxygen sensor

Battery Power Systems & Equipment

  • 24-volt and 36-volt electrical systems
  • Battery technology and best practices
  • Electrical components — solenoid, water pumps, actuators, relays
  • Electrical troubleshooting


The company has an abundance of technical support features and maintenance aids available to users of their equipment, including accessible online maintenance manuals, operations and service video resources for each product on the company's YouTube channel, product specification sheets, a service help-desk feature on the company website, and full-time, factory-based service personnel to field incoming calls from customers and from the company's service network personnel.

"Our product lines for hard floor cleaning and revival, and for concrete finishing and polishing, are ideally suited for business service contractors (BSCs) to support their cleaning contracts nationwide. Our floor scrubber line is a terrific value line for BSCs. These machines are simple to operate, well-engineered by our team in North Carolina, reliable, designed with ease of maintenance and serviceability in mind, and are economical high-specification machines," stated Stuart Proctor, vice president of marketing for ONYX.

More details on the Clean Power University by clicking here.