Mid-Month to Mid-Month: Belvieu Prices Inch Up, Group 140 is Static

During the latest mid-month period, posted and spot prices at Mont Belvieu strengthened, while those at Group 140, Conway, Kan., have held a very narrow margin, basically reversing the play of the month prior. Over the month, Belvieu’s posted prices strengthened by 3.75 cents, and spots rose by a slightly less 3.375 cents. Conway’s posted prices shifted upward by a mere 0.40 cents, while spots were a modest 1.375 cents higher.
Mid-Month to Mid-Month: Mt Belvieu Propane Prices Inch Up, Group 140 is StaticMidmonth chart 111220

The Mont Belvieu mid-October price, 63.507 cents/gal., came in 3.75 cents higher than mid-September’s 59.757 cents, and 7.167 cents above a year earlier’s price of 56.340 cents. The next week the price dipped by 0.250 cents to 63.257 cents, and bounced back to 63.507 cents to finish October. November began with a strengthening of 3.75 cents to 67.257 cents, where it remained at mid-month.

Conway, Kan. posted prices began the period 10.65 cents above the month prior, starting at 60.117 cents/gal. Compared to the same time in 2019, the 2020 prices were 11.777 cents greater. The next week, the price rose 0.15 cents to 60.267 cents, followed by a slight dip in price to 59.817 cents to end October. The new month saw prices rebound to 60.617 cents, only to end mid-November slightly lower at 60.517 cents/gal.

Mont Belvieu spot propane opened the mid-October period at a 53.00-53.50 cents/gal., 1.625 cents higher than the previous month’s price, and a sizeable 7.75 cents higher than a year ago. The following week, prices sluffed off 0.25 cents to 53.25-53.625 cents, and the month finished more than a penny weaker at 52.125-52.875 cents. November’s 3.875-cent addition pushed spots to 56.00-56.75 cents, and finished mid-month with a slim gain to 56.375-56.875 cents.

Conway spots opened mid-month at 53.50-54.50 cents, almost 8 cents higher than a month earlier, and 12 cents above a year prior. The following week saw a slight rise to 54.00-54.50 cents, and the month ended with a slip to 52.125-52.50 cents. The first week of November saw prices return to 54.00-54.75 cents, and at mid-month, they inched up to 54.875-55.25 cents.

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