PERC Introduces Propane Autogas Learning Resources

The Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) has created online learning resources with educational information about propane autogas for fleets and service technicians who are beginning to return to work after recent shutdowns while navigating through new challenges.

“The pandemic has been a wakeup call and it has many fleets reevaluating their best practices and operational efficiencies, including their fuel choices,” said Steve Whaley, director of autogas business development at PERC. “For fleets that aren’t familiar with propane autogas, these resources are a great place to start to learn how the energy source can help reduce their costs and emissions. For fleets that already operate with propane autogas, these resources will help them smoothly get back to business.”
The pages feature information about owning, maintaining, and operating propane autogas vehicles and the benefits of the fuel—including that propane autogas provides fleets with the most cost-effective solution to reducing harmful emissions.

Information on refueling, emissions studies, customer testimonials, and educational videos are provided on the fleet-specific pages. PERC’s cost savings calculator to determine how much propane autogas could save them over time is included in the data for fleet owners.

The maintenance page has important information about garaging and maintenance facilities, how propane autogas maintenance compares to other fuels, and converting an existing gasoline vehicle to propane autogas.

The propane autogas learning resources are available at

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