Midstream Companies Focus on Safe Operations To Meet Critical Needs During COVID-19

As people around the world continue to make major adjustments and tough decisions related to the COVID-19 crisis, GPA Midstream Association, GPSA, and their member companies are tirelessly working to ensure that midstream employees are taking appropriate precautions and following strict COVID-19 protocols so that midstream operations, considered critical infrastructure by the Department of Homeland Security, are not interrupted.

“Companies in energy’s midstream sector transform raw natural gas into valuable products that other industries can use, and that goes well beyond natural gas that people use in their homes and businesses for energy,” said GPA Midstream President and CEO Joel Moxley. “Several components of healthcare and hygiene products wouldn’t exist without natural gas and natural gas liquids, so we’re all stepping up to ensure that midstream can help meet those and many other critical needs during this global pandemic.”

“GPA Midstream is actively working and coordinating with our federal agency and state agency partners to ensure our members are aware of the latest guidance and statements regarding activities surround the coronavirus. Both associations and our members will continue to follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure our employees remain safe and our operations remain reliable.”

GPA Midstream Association represents more than 80 corporate members of all sizes GPA Midstream members are engaged in the gathering and processing of natural gas into saleable pipeline gas, which are commonly referred to as midstream activities in the energy industry. As the primary advocates for the midstream industry, the association enhances the viability of natural gas, natural gas liquids, and crude oil through research, technical, environmental, safety, and advocacy activities. For more information, visit GPAmidstream.org.

GPSA is GPA Midstream’s affiliated association representing more than 400 companies engaged in meeting the service and supply needs of the midstream industry. An elected board of directors establishes policies and directs GPSA activities. The association shares a small staff within GPA Midstream’s office in Tulsa. For more information, visit GPSAmidstreamsuppliers.org.

SOURCE: The Weekly Propane Newsletter, April 30, 2020. Subscribers receive all the latest posted and spot prices from major terminals and refineries around the U.S. delivered to inboxes every week. Receive a center spread of posted prices with hundreds of postings updated each week, along with market analysis, insightful commentary, and much more not found elsewhere.