A New Brand of Business Consulting

(May 21, 2020) New Hampshire – After more than 15 years in the energy industry, Amanda Bacon launches Savvi Strategies, a consulting firm helping small and middle market businesses dramatically improve their marketing and public relations activities, and showing them how to transform their company culture into a strong, competitive advantage.

Amanda Bacon Headshot 03.05.2020
Bacon is well-revered in the propane industry for helping several companies achieve award-winning success. She has led entire organizations, as well as sales, marketing, and public relations teams.

Joe Rose, Goodwill Ambassador at Lin’s Propane Trucks and long-time propane advocate says, “One of the greatest things about the energy industry is that most companies are local and family-owned. Amanda recognizes that their brand is something they take great pride in, and it is one of the few things they can control. Unfortunately, a company’s brand is what’s most front and center with customers, and yet, it generally receives the least amount of attention.” Rose adds, “Amanda’s firm knows how to work with companies to build a strategy that is realistic, without overwhelming them.”

“Our biggest differentiator is that we do not work for our client’s competition*. This is critical in an industry where most companies are selling the same products and services,” says Bacon. “We are not a cookie cutter company. We know that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work, so we customize everything for our clients. That way, the work we do for them will not look or sound the same as the work done for anyone else.”

A new service that Bacon is bringing to the industry focuses on modernizing a company’s culture. Bacon says, “The reality is, this is a stale industry, and we need to make fast advances in how we interact with the next generation of employees and customers. This means modernizing the culture of your organization for today and the future, to better compete and win.”

Lisa Kunzler, a former employee of Bacon says, “What Amanda immediately did for the culture of our company was astounding. All of the sudden our entire team had a new energy, focus, and drive. We became a real team with a clear purpose and specific goals. For us, this resulted in happier employees with significant productivity gains and higher profits.

Bacon adds, “While working with Lisa and the rest of the team, we had the most successful year in the company’s history, by putting employees first. There is zero doubt that those results had everything to do with the culture we all created. I am not only proud to show my clients how this can easily happen in their company; I can guarantee it will change the course of their business for the better.”

About Savvi Strategies
Savvi Strategies was founded in 2020 by Amanda Bacon. They offer no-charge consultations, and their tailored consulting engagements are all billed by project (or flat-rate fees) with no monthly retainers, or unpredictable hourly charges. You will never see a project management, administrative, middle-man, or hidden fee, and they never markup work that is outsourced to their strategic vendor partners.

Amanda Bacon, founder of Savvi Strategies has been named a Rising Leader in the Propane Industry by LP Gas Magazine, and still remains actively engaged in the Propane Gas Association of New England (PGANE), working as the co-chair of the Workforce Development Committee and Women in Propane. Her influential approach has led her to speak nationally, regionally, and locally about leading the next generation while being mindful of generational gaps, forward thinking marketing trends, and corporate motivational well-being. Visit SavviStrategies.com for more information.