Alliance AutoGas CEO Lauds Efforts of Alternative Fuel Industry

Stuart Weidie, CEO of Alliance AutoGas, applauded the efforts of the alternative fuel industry at the Sustainable Fleet Technology Conference 2017 in Raleigh, N.C. in October. Weidie singled out for special praise those who are pursuing options with renewable fuels such as solar and wind power, and exhorted the industry to remember the common goal of displacing traditional fuels such as gasoline and oil for the purposes of a cleaner environment, human health, and energy security.
Stuart Weidie Speaking

He challenged those attending to look past the excitement of vehicle technology innovation and deeper into the source of the power and energy fueling that technology. For example, 60% of grid electricity is generated by coal, a major source of harmful emissions. Consequently, though an electric vehicle itself may produce less emissions, the original fuel source must still be taken into account.

Weidie also called upon alternative fuel providers and technology companies to be good stewards of the earth’s resources by increasing energy efficiency. He provided statistics of a 68% loss of energy between electric generating plants and the household plug, compared to a 26% loss of energy from a propane tank to a household due to on-site power generation.

“We must be good stewards of the earth’s resources,” he said. “Each alternative fuel has a place in reaching the common goal of traditional fuel displacement. It is up to the industry to help the consumer apply the right solution to the right fleet need.”

Alliance AutoGas had several propane-fueled vehicles on display at the conference, among them a Ford Explorer Police Interceptor and a GMC truck at its booth, a Ford F-150 in the main lobby, and another F-150 that was available at a ride-and-drive event. Ed Hoffman and Happy Fox of Alliance AutoGas presented industry and product updates at panel discussions.