(March 16, 2020) — Following a declaration of a national emergency around COVID-19 by the President of the United States, the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) announced Friday the Southeastern Convention & International Propane EXPO, scheduled for Nashville, TN, April 5-8, has been cancelled.
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This decision was made unanimously by NPGA President and CEO, Steve Kaminski, along with each of NPGA’s officers, and the Chair of NPGA’s Convention Committee.

Kaminski wanted to provide this information as soon as possible. Therefore, his message did not include next steps, either as pertains to the cancellation details as it relates to your registration or exhibition or any potential rescheduling. Additional information will be forthcoming from NPGA as soon as it is developed – they are working 24/7 on it and will share this information in the coming days as it becomes available.

The NPGA thanks you for your continued patience.

On another note, for informational purposes, the NPGA has provided guidance for propane marketers related to COVID-19. The guidance is not a legal document or legal advice, but we are hopeful it will be helpful to you in your own decision making regarding next steps and the COVID-19 outbreak. The goal of the NPGA is to continue to provide useful information to your businesses.