WASHINGTON (February 2023)  — The Propane Education & Research Council supports the safe use of propane on the farm with new one-page safety guides covering a variety of topics related to the safe use of propane and propane-powered equipment. All six safety guides can be accessed and downloaded for free at Propane.com.

Each safety guide provides important information about code and training requirements, specific hazards and special safety considerations. Individual safety guide topics include:

Download all safety guides here: Ag Safety guides.


“Propane-powered equipment offers farmers many unique advantages over other energy sources or equipment,” said Michael Newland, director of agriculture business development at PERC. “It’s imperative that propane users are properly educated on safe usage and practices to power their farms safely and efficiently. We’ve created these one-page guides to make this important safety education as simple and accessible as possible.”

Each year, approximately one billion gallons of propane are sold for agricultural applications — from irrigation engines and grain dryers to generators, water or building heating and more. With the use of these safety sheets, propane can be used safely and efficiently for a variety of agriculture uses.