Hamilton, Ohio — July 2, 2024 — OPW has announced the launch of a new website for its OPW Propane Energy Solutions (OPW PES) business unit. Found at regoproducts.com, the new website will be the digital home for the OPW PES product brand RegO® Products.

Based in Elon, North Carolina, RegO Products designs, engineers and manufactures valves and flow controls for use in the safe and cost-effective production, storage and transport of industrial gases and alternative fuels, such as LNG, LPG, hydrogen and anhydrous ammonia (NH3). 

The goal of the OPW PES business unit is to increase awareness that there is a wide range of readily available and easy to use “green” alternatives for traditional fossil fuels, such as LPG. As the world continues to embrace clean energy sources, the demand for LPG is expected to rise sharply, most notably in emerging markets where it can be used as a clean, affordable and readily available alternative to current energy sources like coal and wood. 


The market niches in which LPG can help shape a new clean energy future include a wide range from residential heating to industrial agriculture applications. The website gives operators in this market space a one-stop location to learn about all of the standard-setting product offerings offered by the OPW PES business unit. 

The ability to navigate the site is driven by an interface that enables faster access to a wider range of product resources and options. On the site, visitors will find LNG and NH3 applications and products curated to meet specific end-user needs. Product offerings are categorized by the unique markets, industries and applications that RegO serves, with a product-search feature that instantly takes visitors where they want to go.