ST. CHARLES, Mo. (Jan. 18, 2024) — After just over a year on the One-Tank team for InSite Platform Partners, Business Development Manager Danny Leverette has been promoted. Leverette will now serve as the director of business development for One-Tank.

Danny Leverette was hired to serve as the business development manager for One-Tank in December 2022. In the last year he has worked on forming strategic partnerships, sales, and helping the brand grow.

“Danny has been a valuable asset to the One-Tank team since joining in December 2022. There was no question that he was the right person for this promotion. He has contributed to the business growth of One-Tank and we look forward to having him further our momentum in his new role of Director," said CEO Brian Humphrey.


Leverette enjoys people and is excited to continue working with current customers and meeting with new ones.

“The interaction with our customers is the best part of this job,” said Leverette. “I enjoy working for customers and learning their operational needs, this helps ensure success for all involved. The customer service industry has been a big part of my life. Unfortunately, in today’s technological world, I strongly believe that customer service has declined. Our team is committed to providing the very best customer service in the industry!”

One-Tank provides propane tank monitoring products which allow propane suppliers to remotely oversee their customers' usage of propane. It also allows propane suppliers to purchase propane when costs are low, as well as reduce expenses for propane deliveries. According to the Business Research Company, tank level monitoring systems are expected to grow globally by 6.9%, adding $1.25 billion to the industry by 2025.

“One-Tank accumulates important data from your propane storage tanks so distributors can determine how much storage and inventory they have in existing tanks,” said Humphrey. “The last 10 years have witnessed vast improvements in satellite technology which has transformed our remote monitoring software and offers profitable advantages to propane marketers.”

Customers also get access to an app where they can track their propane usage and see how much fuel is in their tank. It takes less than two minutes to install and the propane tank monitoring system can be utilized immediately upon installation.

Prior to joining the One-Tank team in 2022, Leverette served in the U.S. Navy and held the position of mayor of Spring Hill, Tennessee. He was also on the Spring Hill City Council and worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 28 years.