Tokyo — (March 22, 2024) — Kohda Valve Japan and Cavagna Group Italy are proud to announce that on March 22, 2024 they have entered in an industrial cooperation joint venture agreement, focused on specialty and high purity Makoto Kohda and Ezio Cavagna shaking hands, celebrating their business deal.gases flow control products.

The products will be marketed and branded, as Cavagna Kohda products throughout the world. The details of the deal are not public.

Makoto Kohda, president of Kohda Valve and Ezio Cavagna, president of Cavagna Group, stated about this new strategic partnership: “It will strengthen the market positioning of Kohda Valve and Cavagna Group in the High Purity Gases international markets, namely, in North America, in Europe and some selected markets in the Far East.”


Kohda Valve is a family privately owned company based in Japan since 1951 specialized in high purity specialty gases solutions; Cavagna Group is a global leader in gas flow control and metering equipment, privately owned based out of Italy since 1949.