On May 1, the Department of Energy (DOE) published its final rule concerning new construction "Clean Energy for New Federal Buildings and Major Renovations of Federal Buildings." The National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) has been engaged in this rule since DOE issued a supplemental notice of proposed rulemaking in December 2022. 

NPGA’s goal in engaging in the rulemaking was to ensure a carve-out for renewable propane in the rule, in order to preserve market access. NPGA’s efforts were successful, and the final rule — which has yet to be published — states that “purely renewable fuels would not fall within the scope of this rulemaking as long as they are not fossil fuel-based or made from blends that contain fossil fuels. A Federal building may use renewable fuels if the Federal agency is able to verify the use of such fuels on-site do not also include fossil fuels in their mixture.” 

NPGA will continue to engage on the final rule and its implementation plans to reduce or eliminate potential burdens for industry members. Information on renewable propane is available on pages 34-35 of the final rule.