Cargas, a software provider for fuel delivery and HVAC service companies, is pleased to announce the launch of a custom integration between Cargas Energy and HubSpot. This one-way integration allows energy companies to send data from Cargas Energy — Cargas’ proprietary fuel delivery software — to HubSpot CRM, one of the top customer relationship management (CRM) products in the world.

Fuel delivery companies have increased year-over-year marketing expenditures, while new software investments are also on the rise. The integration between HubSpot and Cargas Energy keeps pace with these industry trends and allows fuel dealers to leverage customer data for marketing campaigns instead of outsourcing work to third-party agencies.

With the integration, Cargas Energy users can send information about their customers’ service equipment and contracts, zip codes, account types and more into HubSpot. Then, they can group customers based on this information and create automated emails and campaigns that hit the right customers at the right time.


“Our new integration between Cargas Energy and HubSpot ensures customers have access to the market’s most innovative sales and marketing tools,” said Esther Angell, Vice President of CRM at Cargas. “We already see fuel delivery customers taking advantage of the top-tier functionality in HubSpot – even if they aren’t current Cargas Energy customers. With this new integration, we’re adding a deeper level of functionality that Cargas Energy customers can leverage.”

Cargas became a HubSpot consulting partner in 2023 to round out the sales and marketing software available to customers.