WASHINGTON — (May 30, 2024) — Broward County Transit’s (BCT) dedication to its residents was recognized this week after receiving the Energy for Everyone Hero award from the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC). The national non-profit organization, which promotes clean energy initiatives, honored BCT with the award for operating an affordable and near-zero emissions propane autogas paratransit fleet. Coree Cuff Lonergan, the general manager and director of transportation for BCT, accepted the award during a celebration event for the transit agency.

"Broward County is a leader in sustainable transportation," said Coree Cuff Lonergan, CEO/general manager at Broward County Transit. "Our commitment to zero emissions is driving innovation, and our propane paratransit fleet is a prime example. By transitioning to propane over nine years ago, we've reduced harmful carbon emissions and saved Broward County taxpayers millions of dollars. This is a win for our environment, our economy, and our residents." 

Since 2015, BCT has invested in 297 propane autogas paratransit shuttles that have provided significant benefits to the community. Not only have the shuttles reliably provided an average of 770,000 trips each year across the 471-square-mile county, but the vehicles have reduced emissions and operating costs along the way. According to BCT, in nine years, the propane autogas fleet has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by more than 14,000 metric tons — the equivalent of more than 35 million miles driven in one gasoline-powered passenger vehicle. The shuttles are also proven to reduce harmful pollutants that can cause respiratory issues by more than 96% compared to diesel, significantly improving air quality for residents. 


"Paratransit services are essential for ensuring everyone has access to public transportation, but they can also be the most expensive per-rider option," said Paul Strobis, director of paratransit for BCT. "That's why we're constantly exploring innovative solutions to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Converting our fleet to propane autogas allows us to achieve both of these goals, while also minimizing our environmental impact." 

Equally impressive, the transit agency has saved taxpayers nearly $14 million. Propane autogas provides fleets like BCT with the lowest total cost-of-ownership. BCT estimates cost savings of about $.20 per mile compared to gasoline. 

“Broward County Transit is setting the bar for other paratransit agencies,” said David Walters, director of autogas business development for PERC. “They’re providing benefits to the health of the community, the environment, and the taxpayers – it’s a win-win-win. Not to mention, the propane vehicles have unmatched reliability, and have played an instrumental role in Broward’s evacuation plans during severe weather. This fleet, and those who operate it, have gone above and beyond to be true heroes for their county.” 

In addition to the award, BCT and PERC celebrated the opening of a new propane autogas refueling station with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. The station will be the fifth in the county allowing the transit agency to reliably service all residents. For more information on Broward County’s innovative sustainability solutions, visit broward.org/BCT/pages/paratransit.aspx

For more information on propane autogas for paratransit fleets, visit Propane.com/paratransit.