Industry Entrepreneur John Sherman and Partners Purchase Kansas City Royals Baseball

KANSAS CITY, MO (November 21, 2019) — Commissioner Rob Manfred today announced that the owners of the Major League Clubs have unanimously approved the ownership group of the Kansas City Royals, led by John Sherman, a Kansas City, Missouri-based entrepreneur. The vote was conducted at the Owners Meetings being held in Arlington, TX. The final approval is contingent upon the closing of the sale transaction with the David Glass family, which is expected early next week.
Sherman John propane entrepreneur and kansas citian purchases Kansas city Royals reports BPN LPG industry trusted source for news since 1939
Sherman and the co-investors will mark the third owner of the Royals since their inception in 1969 when Ewing Kauffman brought Major League Baseball back to Kansas City after a one-year absence. Closing of the transaction is subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions, including MLB approval.

John Sherman propane industry entrepreneur and partners purchase Kansas City Royals baseball club reports BPN the propane industry's most trusted source for news since 1939“First, I’d like to express my gratitude to David Glass and his family for all that he has done for Kansas City, for Major League Baseball – and for giving us an opportunity to do this in our hometown,” Sherman said. “Second, my thanks to Paul Dolan for being a great partner in Cleveland; I look forward to continuing to be his partner in Major League Baseball. Finally, I want to thank the Commissioner’s Office and my fellow MLB owners for their confidence and trust.”

Mr. Sherman is an entrepreneur who has started and developed two successful businesses based in Kansas City, Missouri. His first startup, LPG Services Group, grew rapidly and merged with Dynegy in 1996. Mr. Sherman later founded Inergy L.P., which became a public company in 2001. He led Inergy through a period of tremendous growth, merging it with Crestwood Holdings in 2013. Mr. Sherman continues to serve on the board of the merged company - Crestwood Equity Partners (NYSE:CEQP).

Mr. Sherman has served and supported the Kansas City community extensively in both a civic capacity and through his philanthropic efforts. He has been recognized with numerous honors for his entrepreneurial successes including as an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year. In addition, in 2014, he was inducted into the inaugural class of the The Entrepreneur Hall of Fame at the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s Henry Bloch School of Management with a group that included Ewing Kauffman, the original owner of the Kansas City Royals and Lamar Hunt, a founder of the American Football League (AFL) and late owner of the Kansas City Chiefs.

A formal press conference will be held Tuesday, November 26, 2019, at Noon in the Hall of Fame building at Kauffman Stadium.

Inaugural Awards Honor Excellence Across LPG Industry

(November 21, 2019) — The inaugural Argus LPG Awards for Excellence celebration was held Nov. 18 in London. Hosted by business intelligence provider Argus, this first-of-its-kind event featured the presentation of five awards honoring individuals, projects, and technology that have excelled in the LPG industry.
Argus LPG Excellence Award 2019 Presented Seb Willems Glencore Trader of the Year rpts BPN propane industry trusted source for news since 1939
Trader of the Year: Seb Willems. This award goes to an individual or company who has shown creativity in trade activities and has showcased success and leadership in adapting to changes in trade flows, opening up of new supply sources and demand centers in support of the LPG community and local economies. Willems is head of trading at Glencore.

Argus LPG Awards for Excellence Presents Mary Jane Hogg Dow Chemical LPG Executive of Year reports BPN propane ind trusted source for news since 1939Executive of the Year: Mary-Jane Hogg. This award celebrates C-level executives who have excelled in demonstrating leadership that has been critical to the success of their business. The winner has shown strategic initiatives that have strengthened or improved their business’s position in the LPG industry. Hogg, commercial director feedstocks at Dow Chemical, was recognized for her long-standing role in the LPG market and constant source of innovation. She has been a key figure in adapting the NW Europe standard contract.

Argus Presents Aggreko inaugural LPG Award for Excellence 2019 for Virgin Island Water Power Authority propane backup reports BPN propane industry trusted source for news since 1939New Frontiers Award: Aggreko. This award demonstrates the work done to increase LPG penetration in nascent markets whether they be geographic or developing new sources of demand. The winning company has successfully done business in new markets or may either be collaborating or in a joint venture. Aggreko received this award for its partnership with Virgin Island Water and Power Authority on defining the bespoke power requirements following the failure of the Island’s mechanical power generator.
Argus Presents INEOS LPG Awards In Excellence reports BPN propane industry leading source news since 1939
Infrastructure Project Award: INEOS. The winner of this award has illustrated an excellence in driving project management through to implementation and execution. Applicants should showcase a creative approach to design and the benefits of the new build to the LPG industry. The winner will have also illustrated a smooth operation, with any hurdles met with financial, landowner issues, public acceptance, or regulations. INEOS was recognized for its storage solution for heavier LPG grade butane.
Argus Presents GE Power inaugural LPG Award for Excellence 2019 reports BPN propane industry trusted source for news since 1939
Technology Innovation Award: GE Power. This award celebrates those companies, individuals, or industry associations that have excelled at developing and deploying innovative technology. The winner must have demonstrated that they have developed new technology, deployed technology successfully, or played a key role in its uptake across the industry. GE Power was honored for its exceptional fuel flexibility capabilities. GE Aeroderivative Gas Turbines are capable to burn the full range of LPG mixtures from 100% propane to 100% butane.

For more information about the Argus LPG Awards for Excellence, visit

Both individuals and companies can nominate themselves and others for next year’s awards. To stay up-to-date with the Argus LPG Awards for Excellence 2020, register your interest at

Student Transportation of America Awarded $20,000 for 
Propane-Fueled School Buses In Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (Nov. 20, 2019) — The Missouri Propane Education and Research Council presented Student Transportation of America a check for $20,000 for its acquisition of new propane school buses. These emissions- and cost-reducing propane school buses are in service throughout the Kansas City Public Schools district.
Bluebird propane clean vision school buses get $20,000 for clean propane school buses in missouri reports BPN the propane industry's trusted source for news since 1939
The rebate presented to STA is part of MOPERC’s Clean Bus Replacement Plan, which has committed $1 million to help Missouri school districts transition from diesel to propane buses. The plan offers rebates of $2,000 per propane bus, up to 10 per district or contractor, at the time of delivery.
“MOPERC’s Clean Bus Replacement Plan can benefit dozens of school districts and communities throughout the state regardless of location,” says Steve Ahrens, president and CEO of MOPERC. “We’re offering these rebates to leverage funding to school districts and bus contractors who adopt propane buses, either through Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust funds or on their own. For the current fiscal year, we’ve reserved 27 propane bus rebates under the MOPERC plan.”
KCPS contracted with STA to acquire the Blue Bird Type C propane buses. The school district expects to save about $500,000 annually in fuel costs, and another $55,000 savings each year in maintenance costs. “By helping STA lower its acquisition cost of these propane school buses, the school bus contractor can then help KCPS lower its operating costs with lower fuel and maintenance costs,” Ahrens adds.
“STA has made a significant investment in adopting propane school buses for KCPS and other school districts across the country,” said Ryan Zic, vice president of school bus sales at ROUSH CleanTech, which manufactures the propane fuel system for the Blue Bird Vision. “And, it’s state and federal funds, like MOPERC’s and Volkswagen’s EMT, that create further opportunity to acquire this clean-operating technology.”
Representatives from STA, Blue Bird and ROUSH CleanTech were in attendance during the check presentation ceremony yesterday at STA’s Kansas City location.
About MOPERC:  The Missouri Propane Education & Research Council is a not-for-profit organization authorized by the Missouri Legislature. Dedicated to propane education and public awareness, MOPERC provides industry training, consumer safety, appliance rebates and market development programs. The council is composed of 15 volunteer directors and administered by an executive staff. Visit

Anova, Silicon Controls Merge to Further Innovation in Logistics and Consumer Engagement

New Providence, NJ (November 20, 2019) — Anova announced today that it has merged with Silicon Controls, provider of the Gaslog solution and a key player in the global LPG & propane industry. This merger is motivated by a shared approach to customer engagement, innovation and global engineering capabilities in tank telemetry, telecommunications, cloud applications and mobile platforms. The combined capabilities uniquely position Anova to help its customer base transform logistics and redefine consumer services, ultimately driving greater profitability for propane distribution. This accelerates Anova’s strategy of connecting the industrial world ‘for the better’.
Anova and Silicon Controls Merge to Further LPG Innovation in Logistics and Consumer Engagement reports BPN propane industry's most trusted source for news since 1939.
With over 25 years of proven experience providing end-to-end solutions in remote telemetry, Silicon Controls has leading positions with customers in North America, Europe and Australia. "With a reputation for taking a consultative partnership approach to logistics transformation, we have secured a strong market presence and installed base," said Mike Neuman, CEO of Silicon Controls. “Silicon has done extensive work over many years in the propane industry, helping customers decrease the number of trucks on the road by improving delivery efficiency."

"Collectively, we are reducing winter overtime, minimizing miles per stop, improving safety and productivity, and addressing the growing decarbonization conundrum. We're stronger together - and that is the immediate value our customers will feel," said Robert Battye, Silicon Controls’ VP North America.

This partnership will allow Anova to play an even more significant role in supporting the LPG and propane industry across the globe. Most notably, Anova will increase its presence, and the availability of industrial IoT in Europe, offer relevant business models to an expanding Asian and South American market, and support the rapidly growing use of technology across North America. In response to customers demanding more reliable technology solutions to improve supply chain strategies and operational efficiencies, Anova continues to invest in R&D and is strengthening its industry engagement. This merger is further proof of its customer-first mentality - listening and responding to market needs and what keeps customers up at night.

"Our customers need a dependable partner that is heavily invested in developing next-generation technology solutions that will not only provide the lowest total cost of ownership, but, quite simply, make their lives easier," said Chet Reshamwala, CEO of Anova. "The new Anova team has over 90 years of LPG & propane experience and intends to build on that, ensuring our customers have access to the best technology, equipment, partners and people to support our customers’ needs."

Independently, Anova and Silicon have moved the needle on delivery and truck efficiency for 1,200+ distributors around the globe.

About Anova Anova is a leading global provider of Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to remotely monitor and manage industrial assets. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, the company provides wireless hardware and cloud-based analytics to reduce operational costs, prevent stock-outs, and improve end-customer service and engagement. Anova incorporates the DataOnline, Wikon, WESROC and ISA brands, and has offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, plus a global network of representatives. With a growing network of cellular, satellite, and LPWAN devices in 70+ countries around the globe, Anova is connecting the industrial world - for better. Additional information can be found at

About Silicon Controls
Silicon Controls, a global leader in tank monitoring, providing Gaslog equipment, applications and services aimed at helping gas suppliers reduce the cost of distribution and improve customer service. Silicon Controls operates internationally with commercial activities in Europe, North America and Australasia. Silicon Controls has a proven track record, earned over nearly three decades, in the design, installation and maintenance of systems that employ advanced hardware and software technologies. For more information about Silicon Controls, visit their website at

FERC Announces Alternative Dispute Resolution Process for Adverse Propane Situation In Midwest

(November 20, 2019) — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) announced it will initiate an alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process with pipeline companies, shippers and their representatives to explore actions FERC and industry can take to alleviate propane pipeline constraints in the Midwest.

FERC Announces Alternative Dispute Resolution Process for Adverse Propane Situation in the Midwest and CEO Deb Grooms Iowa Propane CEO meets with NPGA and FERC to discuss dispute reports BPN propane industry's trusted news source since 1939This action is the result of conversations with and letters from Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds and several members of the House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate expressing their concerns regarding reports of propane distribution and supply difficulties in the Midwest.
Additionally, yesterday FERC issued an order accepting a proposal by Enterprise TE Products Pipeline Company LLC in Docket No. IS20-66-000, providing emergency transportation service of propane to the Midwest region for a 30-day period.
“The Commission takes this issue seriously,” FERC Chairman Neil Chatterjee said. “We have been actively engaging with stakeholders, and with Capitol Hill and the states, and receiving regular updates from pipeline companies. By bringing the pipelines and shippers to the table, we are building on these efforts and establishing a dialogue focused on exploring concrete solutions.”

Deb Grooms, CEO of the Iowa Propane Gas Association (IPGA) and representatives from the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA) will be meeting today at FERC headquarters to begin discussions for the Alternative Dispute Resolution Process.

On November 15, Iowa Govenor Kim Reynolds signed a proclamation that temporarily allows vehicles that transport propane and anhydrous ammonia to be oversize and overweight. The late harvest and high demand for petroleum products throughout the Midwest have resulted in low supplies of propane as well as difficulty transporting adequate supplies of anhydrous ammonia for agricultural activities. The proclamation temporarily suspends provisions of Iowa Code §§ 321.463 (6) (a) and (b) and 321E.29 and Iowa Admin. Code chapter 761-511 pertaining to movement of oversize and overweight loads of propane and anhydrous ammonia. The proclamation is effective November 16, 2019, and will expire at midnight on December 15, 2019.

Gov. Reynolds has led the state response to the severe propane distribution and supply issues. On October 31st she signed a proclamation easing the hours of service regulations for propane transporters, and continues to be in contact with industry stakeholders and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to increase the amount of  propane in the pipelines to Iowa.