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Matching a propane truck to your team’s process brings money & time savings
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Mike Todd has worked in the propane service industry long enough to know what works for him and what doesn’t. When at a tradeshow in Atlanta a few years back, he saw a FISK truck and set a goal of having one.

Small Company Big Goals

Texas Propane is a small, family company that serves central Texas. Their customers are residential, industrial, commercial, government and agriculture propane users. Started in 1984, they have used a variety of trucks and trailers to service customers.

Mike had used a regular service truck and a homemade tank trailer, a stick boom crane on another old truck, and a freightliner with a knuckleboom. None of these were the most efficient, nor did they satisfy what Mike was looking for in a truck.  

When Mike and Texas Propane finally got to a position to purchase a new tank truck, he remembered the one he had seen in Atlanta. Mike connected with FISK and discussed what he needed in a truck. After comparing options with another local tank truck manufacturer in his area, Mike chose FISK; they couldn’t be beat on capabilities and quality.

Personalized Customizations

After making the decision to purchase from FISK, Mike had many conversations with the FISK team. He was pleased that they listened to his needs and were able to make him a truck that fit each one.

In order to haul his Ditch Witch sideways on the bed, he had D-rings installed in specific locations. His bumper was custom-built to act as a step and be super strong so he could pull an excavator.

He requested a second vice to be placed in a location that worked for him, and it was set to his height. The bed was cut to a specific length to carry two 500-gallon tanks and a trencher. The crane was designed to be extra-long at Mike’s request. It can reach 56 feet and 9 inches, which is approximately double the reach of a standard crane.   

Even small details were accounted for on the truck. Two LED floodlights were placed on the back of the truck for setting in darkness. Four shovel hooks were placed in the front of the bed and extra-large block holders underneath the bed. A custom lighted fender with his company logo shines at night.

Results & Rewards  

After working with the truck now for a year, Mike is thoroughly pleased with its performance. The truck has been a time saver and saves him from a lot of back-breaking work he used to have to do. He uses the one button auto fold on the crane every time now, and really appreciates that feature. Mike also has come to love the length of the crane. He says there have been numerous jobs where the extra reach has helped.   

Texas Propane has gone from doing two full installs in a day to four. Mike and his team can get twice the work done with the custom truck. Business has grown over the last few years, and last year was close to a record year for the company. Mike has been able to expand his customer base, working in rural areas and new home growth areas around College Station, Texas.

Mike says the whole experience of working with FISK from start to finish was great. Manufacturing of the truck was quick and working with the FISK team was a seamless process.  

Looking Ahead  

Mike’s five-year plan is to purchase another FISK truck when his business grows even more. He recommends to anyone looking into a custom truck to have the service techs as a part of the customization process, as they are the ones who deal with the trucks.   

Mike says of his FISK TX-1 Knuckleboom, “It’s like the perfect truck. There is nothing to change.”

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