TerraVest Industries Inc. announced Jason Gildart will be joining its team as director of operations for domestic tanks. Gildart’s main role will be to work closely with the company's domestic tank businesses in areas of operations, sales, logistics and manufacturing.

“We all look forward to working closely with Jason to continue executing on our business and growth strategies. Jason’s experience will help TerraVest continue to provide 'One Source, Many Solutions' to our loyal customers,” said Mitch DeBelser, president of the compressed gas division of TerraVest Industries.

Gildart was previously the president of Ditech Testing. Ditech is the largest propane tank refurbisher in North America. Along with 25 years of experience in the propane refurbishing industry, Gildart also has experience in smart manufacturing, transportation, logistics, and sales and business development.


“I am proud of and excited by the challenges and opportunities that TerraVest has in front of it. I’m looking forward to being a part of the knowledgeable, passionate, and value-based team that TerraVest has assembled,” Gildart said.

Gildart has a passion for leadership, loves to face challenges, and enjoys creating strong relationships with the teams and customers he serves. He is also a proud father of three children.