HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (Oct. 10, 2022) — On Oct. 7 2022, ONYX Systems LLC celebrated National Propane Day by announcing its engine technology expansion plan roadmap.

"Propane engine powered equipment is a near-zero emission, clean, ecofriendly, efficient, reliable and affordable bridge technology between today's gasoline and diesel powered industrial equipment and the fully electrified zero emission future," explains Stuart Proctor, ONYX vice president of marketing. "There is no loss in horsepower using propane engines over conventional high-carbon fuel sources, and with propane roughly 35% less expensive than gasoline, propane is an affordable option."

ONYX propane engines are fully EPA and CARB certified with emission certification results well below EPA and CARB limits. "Our 603cc engine is a good example of how clean running our propane engine technology is. That engine is certified at 6.73g/kW-h for carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, versus the an EPA limit of 610g/kW-h, two orders of magnitude below the EPA limit, and our "black carbon" hydrocarbon plus nitrous oxide (HP + NOx) certified emissions are 56% lower than the EPA limit." 


ONYX plans to expand its portfolio of EPA certified propane engines by adding the following engines to its lineup:

  • 302cc Horizontal Engine
  • 452cc Vertical Engine
  • 459cc Horizontal Engine
  • 764/678cc Horizontal Engine
  • 999cc Horizontal Engine
  • 999cc Vertical Engine