Tulsa, Okla. (Aug. 8, 2022) — NGL Energy Partners LP announced the completion of the Ambassador Pipeline in the state of Michigan. The Ambassador Pipeline System consists of a 225-mile bi-directional pipeline with multiple supply and delivery points. The Ambassador Pipeline connects central, northern and western Michigan propane customers to millions of gallons of underground storage capacity in Eastern Michigan. NGL’s Wheeler Terminal is strategically located at the mid-point of the pipeline and includes on-site storage of 480,000 gallons of propane. The Kalkaska terminal is located at the northern end of the pipeline and has total storage of 420,000 gallons. Both Wheeler and Kalkaska each utilize two truck loading bays capable of flowing up to 600 gallons per minute, which allows propane transports to load in approximately 25 minutes.

“Our Ambassador Pipeline System establishes an integrated infrastructure of pipelines, supply points, storage facilities and terminals to deliver a diversified and dependable supply at several locations for Michigan propane customers,” commented Jeff Pinter, EVP of NGL’s Liquids Logistics segment. “At a time when Americans are focused on energy costs and reliability, NGL delivers an innovative infrastructure solution, creating an efficient, dependable and cost-effective supply for the Wolverine State. In addition to the supply benefits to Michigan’s many propane customers, the Ambassador Pipeline will reduce truck traffic, road wear and tear, and a substantial reduction of CO2 emissions every year, benefitting residents throughout the state.”