New Braunfels, Texas & Casper, Wy. (April 21, 2022) Mopeka Products announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Sonariot.

Together, Mopeka Products and Sonariot, will become known as MopekaIOT, a provider of tank monitoring solutions, further cementing its leadership as a leader in sonar tank monitoring solutions and services, with more than 500,000 sensors in market globally.

Whether organizations are looking to streamline their supply chain, increase their levels of customer service or simply better understand their tank capacity and utilization, MopekaIOT has a portfolio of solutions for both pressurized and unpressurized tanks to assist.


The acquisition of Sonariot brings to the company a growing channel of distribution, with six key distributor partnerships announced across North America in the last six months, and an extensive sales, services, and marketing arm.

“Our remarkable transformation and rapid growth story continues. We could not be more excited for the next phase of the journey. The combination of Mopeka Products and Sonariot gives our customers and partners the same great team of engineering, marketing, sales, service, and support professionals, whilst extending our ability to further expand at scale to provide even more innovative solutions,” said Jason Peck, executive partner and vice preisdent, MopekaIOT. “With MopekaIOT you’ll get the accuracy and convenience customers are demanding. Our patented range of Sonar Tank Monitoring solutions harness the power of sonar, cloud and mobile technologies to ensure you can quickly, easily and above all accurately monitor the levels of all your pressurized and non-pressurized tanks in real time, any time.”

Kevin Jaffe, partner and chief operating officer of MopekaIOT (previously CEO of Sonariot), commented, “This is an exciting time. Our industry is at a tipping point with outdated solutions that are disconnected and unreliable. As MopekaIOT, we will foster in the change that is needed. We are the leading player in sonar tank monitoring and are uniquely positioned to drive even greater value for customers and partners alike. It’s the same great team with the same great talent all under one roof. This is something both organizations have been working towards for some time, and I want to reinforce to our customers and distribution partners that we will be even better placed to assist them. I look forward to the new challenge and to further expanding growth across all regions and territories with our unparalleled capabilities.”