Ditech Testing's Jacques LiretteDitech Testing has announced the appointment of its new president, Jacques Lirette. Having spent over 30 years delivering business results in the health-care and technology industries, Lirette is ready to forge and maintain productive relationships with Ditech’s diverse groups of clients, key stakeholders and team members.

In addition, he is committed to developing sales and marketing opportunities for the company that will help expand client reach and continue providing excellent service. This appointment follows the company’s upcoming celebration of its 25 years in the industry.

“I am excited to join such a great organization as they celebrate 25 years of providing excellent service to 170+ clients. Ditech has a bright future, and I want to help contribute to the growth of this great company,” said Lirette.


Lirette is an expert on IT strategy development, technology transformation, productivity enhancement, and revenue optimization — and these areas have been substantial for Ditech’s growth in recent years. 

He adds, “As we introduce new products and services, we will continue to contribute to the communities in which we operate and have fun doing it. My personal goals are simple, build a great company that our employees and partners are excited to associate with.”

Ditech Testing is a designated cylinder re-certifier fully compliant with the standards of the United States Department of Transportation, Transport Canada and the Canadian Gas Association regulations, including hydrostatic testing and external visual inspection. Specializing in refurbishing all types of cylinders and tanks for the liquid petroleum industry, Ditech’s technologies include the industry’s only barcoding and GPS tracking system to guarantee fast turnaround and delivery.