Service Contracts Signed for Propane-Powered Microturbines

Capstone Turbine Corp. (Van Nuys, Calif.), a leading clean technology manufacturer of microturbine energy systems, said Sep. 10 that Optimal Group Australia, Capstone's exclusive Australian distributor, recently signed a 2 MW 5-year factory protection plan (FPP) with a remotely located Oceana-based mineral water bottling facility.

The project uses two stand-alone C1000 Signature Series (C1000S) 1-MW microturbine systems running on clean-burning propane as a primary baseload power source for the mineral water bottling facility located on a remote off-grid island location. The site will have up to 8 MW's of power demand, and a portion of this demand is currently met with diesel fuel generators running in parallel with the clean and green Capstone microturbines. The site was recently upgraded with a new 50-ton propane tank. This site's commissioning was initially delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which first hit in the APAC (Asia Pacific) region, but this project is now moving forward again.

“With this new long-term maintenance contract for this exciting new project, Optimal now has a 14-MW fleet under FPP, with more new contracts in the pipeline,” stated Jeff Foster, Capstone's senior vice president of customer service and product development. “Additionally, this puts Optimal firmly in the top-ten of all Capstone distributors globally and the top distributor in the Asia Pacific region.”

“This innovative project highlights the value that Capstone's reliably clean and green energy solutions can provide under the most rigorous conditions using a wide range of fuel types,” stated Darren Jamison, president and CEO of Capstone Turbine Corp. “Our redundant architecture enables very high reliability, and our ability to use multiple inexpensive and clean fuels supports global environmental progress in a cost-effective manner for our end customers.”

Capstone's innovative FPP is a comprehensive maintenance program designed to give financial peace of mind to Capstone customers by providing product life cycle costs at a fixed rate for both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance for the life of the microturbine system. Additionally, the recently updated FPP protects microturbine customers from potentially dramatic future increases in life cycle costs associated with changes in replacement spare parts pricing, commodity price increases, import tariffs, and interest rate changes.

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